Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Pain of Motherhood

I adore my baby girl.  ADORE.  My back, however, does not.  She is a BIG girl for 13 months.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself.

At one year, she was 26 lbs. and in the 25th percentile of A 2 YEAR OLD for height.  Yep, big girl.  And though I think she is a huge love bug who can brighten anyone's day, my back is starting to really rebel against carrying her around everywhere.  (Oh yes, she can walk, she just chooses not to).  I have already been in physical therapy due to this and got my hips back in alignment, so I thought....

About two weeks ago, my legs started to really ache.  It got worse and worse over the course of a week and I finally ended up in the Dr. office wondering what the hell is wrong with me.  I immediately go to the worst case scenario of blood clots and fibromyalgia because that is what I do.  After handing over a ton of blood, I walked out hoping I would have answer.

Yesterday I get the results.  Everything looks great.  Of course it does.  I throw a call to my physical therapist and after answering some quick questions, he quickly believes my spine is out of alignment and pushing on some big nerves.  I am told to hold her as little as possible, give up heels for a while (he also reminded me that I am 6ft. and don't really need them) and make an appointment.  Am I shocked?  No.  Am I happy it is not something worse?  Absolutely.  Is this God telling me that my body can no longer handle having children and I should stop?  I think so.

The hard part is going to be, how do you not pick up this little face!


  1. Ok!Now - She is so stinkin cute! Now about your health... You have to take care of yourself girl! It would be very hard not to carry that little sweetie around. And yes! High heels are a very pretty thing! And you now what! You can wear heels at six foot! Heck yes! That was a jerky thing to say! You just need to take care of yourself !
    Have a PRETTY day! ( maybe in flats today, haha!)

  2. "Doctor: I need either heels, or perky pregnancy boobs and glowing pregnancy skin. I cannot be expected give up both."

    Unfortunately, I am almost a foot shorter than you, so I really can't give up the heels!

    Hope your back feels better and those little thighs are so squeezable!!
    {mommy chic} design. style. kids. life.

  3. LOL, that is what I should have asked. "Will physical therapy bring back my boobs and take this pain away?".

    I can sacrifice heels for a bit if it means my back gets better but it is going to be hard. It just does not feel right going out without them! And of course I do like being 6' 4" and having everyone look up to me :)


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