Monday, July 18, 2011

Date Night With My Boys

Last week my three favorite boys and I headed down to San Diego for the Padres vs. Giants game.  We had a phenomenal time and even though we were exhausted the next day, it was all worth it.  I feel sort of bad that Baby Girl did not go with us but not that bad because I was actually able to enjoy myself and not run after a toddler the entire time!  Here are some pics (but please realize I did not have my super fab camera with me so these are from my "point and shoot" and Iphone - clearly not as fabulous as they could have been).

Thanks Hubby for the awesome seats!

My Boys

Our view


Our favorite of the desserts

Complete concentration

A young boy, confused

My oldest caught a foul ball!
Best part?  The Giants won!  Did you realize I was not in any of those?  That is because I do a fantastic job capturing moments while my husband is not so great at making sure I make it into a picture.  We are working on this.  


  1. Ha! That is SO my husband! Every time we go out, I have to ask him to take a couple of pictures so people will believe that I was there. Even at my son's BIRTH, most of the pictures are of dad and baby! People were asking if I was even in the room! :)

    Your boys are a handsome bunch, but we want to see pics of mommy too!

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