Thursday, January 31, 2013


Nicholas Kirkwood Printed Elaphe and Mirrored Leather Pumps

Forget the candy hearts, flowers, cards, and chocolates.
These will be just fine.


How do you feel about silence?  I find the idea of "silence" interesting.  On one hand, there are days when I crave silence.  When all three kids are running crazy, our calendars are overbooked and it seems I cannot get anything done, all I want is some peace and quiet.  Then, when the children are in bed, the house is cleaned up and the hubby is out of town, I absolutely hate the quiet.  In fact, through self examination, silence actually brings on my anxiety and scares me from time to time, especially at night.  How can something I crave so much at times bring on such a terrible feeling once I have it?

Through further self examination, I laugh at how often I actually try to avoid silence.  I instinctively turn on the radio in the car, make a phone call or turn on the television at night.  For example, I purposely turned on the television to write this post, even though I am not watching the television at all.  My hubby is at a dinner and the kids are asleep so who wants to sit at a computer hearing the house settle alone?  Apparently not me.  And I am not going to even tell you how uncomfortable I get when I wake up in the middle of the night, the hubby is out of town and the entire house is silent.  I am not going to lie.  I HATE IT.

I think I have just become too comfortable with noise.  I can remember a time when I enjoyed having all the roommates in college out so that I could rest in my room.  I also remember when the hubby was getting his MBA and I would savor my alone time with a bath, brownie and glass of wine.  Since having children though, my moments of silence became few and far between and suddenly moments that seemed so peaceful and relaxing became stressful and worrisome.

Since I have now come to the understanding that silence and I do not work well together right now, I have decided to work on it.  I want to return to enjoying that quiet time I used to love so much.  And the truth is, when overcoming the uncomfortableness of silence, it can be incredibly calming.  It allows you to actually put your thoughts in order, and if you are religious in anyway, it provides you an opportunity to focus your thoughts and prayers towards something good.  It provides solace and self reflection that allows you to cope with life and its challenges in ways that chaos doesn't.  It is truly important for us to find the silence in our life and embrace it.  I know this.  I just need to keep telling myself this.

I am guessing I am not the only one who feels this way but perhaps I am wrong.  
Are you okay with silence?

If you are at all interested in hearing more about my anxiety (because it is fascinating, I know) click herehere, or here. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Santa Ynez

I finally got a second!  As I mentioned yesterday, the hubby and I had an incredible time in Santa Ynez with friends this past weekend.  Here are some of the photos I promised to share.  When it came to our favorite parts of the trip, there truly is nothing I would have changed but the major highlights included our hotel, the Santa Ynez Inn (completely surpassed our expectations), our private tasting of Tantara at the home of the winemaker, cupcake and wine pairing at Saarloos and Sons and dancing the night away at Maverick Saloon (that not only included beer bottles, country line dancing, and pinning dollar bills to the ceiling but also a John Corbett sighting).  All I can say is, I WANT TO GO BACK!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweater Dress

I cannot even put into words how much I loved our trip to Santa Ynez this past weekend.  To say it was perfect feels like an understatement.  We had such an incredible time with our friends and wish that we could have stayed a few more days.  I will definitely be sharing photos once I find a second to download them all.

Today, instead, I wanted to share an item that a friend of mine wore in Santa Ynez that I LOVED on her.  I originally saw this T by Alexander Wang Silk-Blend Sweater Dress on the Outnet and wanted it for myself.   

T by Alexander Wang Silk-Blend Sweater Dress
I had already placed entirely too many orders for the trip already but wanted someone to get it so I sent it off to my friend.  I told her it was a MUST for the trip and crossed my fingers that she ordered it.  Imagine my excitement when she came downstairs one morning wearing it with skinny jeans and a pair of black booties.  It looked fabulous.  So much so, that I am now going to share it with you too.  The Outnet still has numerous sizes of it left, it also comes in black AND the sale price is fab.  For now it is perfect with skinny jeans, leggings or tights but will transition beautifully in Spring with some simple sandals (as seen above) for a casual BBQ or dinner out.  New staple for the closet?  I think so.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Second Time

Today the hubby and I are heading out for a weekend of wine tasting with friends for the second time this month.  Different wine country, different friends, same activity.  Perhaps we did not have enough wine over the holidays or perhaps the holidays have driven us to need even more time away.  Whatever it is, I am really looking forward to the drive, the boutique inn, the wine, the food and most importantly, the friends.

Keep an eye out for what we are up to on instagram (@jugglinginheels) and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ceek Bohemian Jewelry

I have spent most of my life being accessory deficient.  I just never put much thought into it.  My wedding ring and earrings were about as far I as went for YEARS.  It just wasn't my thing.

Then I hosted a party for a friend who was moving.  One of her friends arrived wearing the RADDEST (yes, I used raddest.  It may or may not be a word but I don't really care) stone ring I had ever seen.  It was an eye catcher.  I asked her where she got it and she mentioned a friend of hers design jewelry and this was one of her pieces.  

THEN, I became a smack-talking Bachelor fan on Twitter and met the lovely lady over at Hey Sugar SNAP through our hilarious comments (at least she and I thought we were funny).  Her and I began talking and she mentioned that her sister was a jewelry designer in the OC and we should connect.  Well, not only was she a jewelry designer but it ends up that she also lived about one street over.  AND, she was the one who made the RAD ring from my party.  

See, this all came full circle even though you were not sure where my rambling was going.

The name of the jewelry line is Ceek (you may remember them from their giveaway) and it would be an understatement to say I am a fan.  Bohemian chic is their game and they nail it with each collection.  This truly is the line that began my love for jewelry and accessories.  

I have not seen my now-friend C in a while (C, if you are reading, we need to grab coffee!!) but I have been keeping close watch on what Ceek is doing and honestly, you should too.  You can find them at numerous boutiques across the country (LF and Planet Blue being some of them) or shop their online boutique.  Here are some of my favorite new arrivals but this is only just a glimpse of their beautiful pieces.  
Talulah Birthday Necklace

Bow and Arrow Digit Ring
Cleo Bib Necklace
Triangle Howlite Earrings
The best part of this entire story is that through social media I met two amazing girls (who happen to be sisters) who I adore and that just makes me smile.  Sure it can consume our day, but at least we are all becoming friends!  The other best part is that I am now obsessed with accessories.  It only took FOREVER.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Friends

A little over a week ago I was invited to attend a Trend Tribe dinner by Nicole, the Editor of Trend Tribe.  She told me that about 8 bloggers from Southern California were getting together at Five Crowns in Corona del Mar and asked if I would like to join them.  I am not going to lie.  I was more than a little intimidated.  For someone who considers herself an extrovert, the idea of having dinner with 7 people who did not know me BUT all knew each other sounded a bit overwhelming.

I went back and forth on whether I was going to attend and then realized I was being a baby about this whole thing and committed.  What was the problem with meeting new people who shared a passion for blogging like I did?  Absolutely nothing.  So last Friday I left the hubby at home with the kids and headed out for my first girl's night that did not involve someone that I, I got to dress up.
Talk about being an idiot.  The second I got there I knew I was going to like these girls.  They were fun, friendly and extremely easy to talk to.  Add our first round of drinks and it began to feel like I had known them all for a while.  

For those who are not familiar with Five Crowns, it has always been known to us Orange County locals as "your Dad's restaurant".  It was a place you went for formal celebrations with your family (Thanksgiving, 50th Birthday parties, there are a number of options here) and very rarely did you return with a date or group of friends.  Apparently since my last visit Five Crowns has decided to shake it up a bit and the look and feel was completely different from what I remembered.  It had a much hipper vibe and the menu seemed to follow.  We were there to try out the new Chef's Supper and I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know it would surpass all expectations.

As the girls and I began chatting about EVERYTHING, cocktails and food began to arrive and continued to arrive for THREE HOURS.  It was out of control.  I believe there were 7 courses (all paired of course with a cocktail, wine, beer or champagne) but I hit a food coma around course #4 and everything that I inhaled from there on after was  blur.  This is just a small preview of what we enjoyed (or perhaps my empty plate because I ate it too fast and did not get a photo of the before).
I have never taken so many photos of food in my life.  It was beyond.  I did attempt to get one photo of the group but this is how bad it was.  I should have thought about this BEFORE 10pm.... 
When dinner was over the conversation did not end so we headed to their micropub, Side Door, which has a CHEESE BAR.  I repeat.  A CHEESE BAR.  Unfortunately I was too full to eat more but it is now on my list for a future date night.

When it was time to leave, I thought back to how anxious I was to go and how happy I was that I did. It truly was a fabulous night.  It was also a good lesson for me.  Just because I am comfortable with those that I know around me, it never hurts to step outside and meet new people.  It could not have been a more fun evening.  Thank you Trend TribeLetters for LucasWendy NielsenCupcakes and CutlerySan Diego Momma and Hip Mama B for having me and thank you Five Crowns for hosting us!

* Juggling in Heels did receive a complimentary dining experience from Five Crowns but the opinion is 100% my own.  The Chef's Supper is offered on Friday night with only 1 table available.  Your party must have a minimum of 8 people and maximum of 10.  Reservations are required.  To learn more about this experience click here.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Even though I went the business route after college, literature and writing have always been my passion.  I love to read and writing has always been an outlet for me.  Whether it was keeping a journal in High School, writing notes to my friends, articles for work or even this blog, I feel that I am best at expressing myself through writing.  

To keep myself sane through college, I minored in English.  It was sort of a "hobby" for me and gave me a few classes a quarter that kept things fun.  One of my favorites was a course on Shakespeare.  He has always been one of my favorite writers and I can get lost in any of his plays.  Spending an entire quarter studying his works was a dream.  Add a great professor and I would have taken the class again if I could.  

Apparently Kate Spade shares this fondness for Shakespeare and has created a dreamy clutch representing his work.  One of my favorite plays combined with an evening essential.  Add the bold colors and I  LOVE.  A perfect conversation starter for any dinner party.  The big question would be, have you really read the play or simply seen Claire and Leo act it out Baz-style?  

Kate Spade 'Romeo and Juliet' Book Clutch

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wine Country

This weekend the hubby and I are heading out of town with friends to enjoy a weekend in wine country.  Our plans include eating, wine tasting, relaxing and simply enjoying each other's company.  This has been on the calendar forever and I am so excited it is right around the corner.

A weekend away also means wardrobe planning.  Planning for a day of wine tasting is one of my favorites because it involves everything I like to wear.  Items that are stylish yet comfortable, boots and of course a few accessories and sunglasses.  It is never too fancy yet always pulled together.  Here is the look I pulled together for Saturday when we are hitting some of the best vineyards in the valley.

Like I said, simple yet pulled together.  
Now if Friday could just hurry up and get here.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Even as a baby, Baby Girl has loved the sun just as much as her momma.

After what feels like an eternity (or maybe it was just a week or two) it is finally warm in Southern California again.

I have learned that even though I throw out all the time that moving to New York would be fun, I could probably not handle the winters.

I am SO looking forward to enjoying this 80 degree heat over this long weekend and hope you do the same.

"See" you next week!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Palace and a Beach

I have always wanted to do family photos in San Francisco but never seemed to get around to it.  After thinking about it forever, I finally booked one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa from Savvy in San Francisco, who not only is a mother of three and a fabulous blogger, but an incredible photographer as well, to take family photos while we were in the City over the holidays.

It was freezing cold, windy and there are 5 of us.  In all honesty, I thought to myself that if we get one great family photo then it will be a success.  What I did not realize is that Melissa is a miracle worker.  Not only did we walk away with NUMEROUS family photos that I adore, she also captured moments with my children that I will treasure forever.  The best part about it is that the children had a blast the entire time and my Oldest told me these were his favorite family photos yet.

These photos were taken at the Palace of the Fine Arts and Crissy Field.  I apologize in advance for all that I am sharing but there are just too many that I love.

If you are in the Bay Area and interested in doing photos, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Melissa.  She is uber sweet, so great with kids and make the entire process extremely easy.  Check her out over at Savvy in San Francisco.

Thank you again Melissa for everything!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Decorating Begins

After being in our house almost a year, we are finally ready to start decorating.  Since having the kitchen redone when we first moved in, we have not purchased anything and have only painted some chevron stripes in our glass cabinets and the wall of our family room red.  This is partly due to wanting to live in our house for a bit and learn how we live in it and partly because after buying the house, my husband needed to recover from the spending and interior design was not an option.

When it comes to where to start in our house, everywhere you look, we need furniture.  We literally have rooms that are sitting empty.  It is going to take some time to work through them all (or perhaps years) but with how much time we spend in the kitchen and family room, it was the obvious place to start.

On Monday I met with Hovie Interiors and am so excited for all the ideas they have.  We decided to hire a designer to help us find the big pieces and ensure we did not make any purchases that we would regret later.  I have too many ideas running through my head and need someone to help me sort them out.  It is going to be such a fun project and I am excited to get started.  This is what we are starting with in the family room.  

The only items that will remain are the coffee table, wall art (but who knows where they will go) and the red wall (I think....).  Other than that, it is going to have a major makeover.  

In the kitchen, we have already purchased rugs, a table and new bar stools (which I just ordered, are cowhide and I am obsessed) so all we really need is a chandelier and perhaps new handles. It definitely is not as big of a project as the family room will be.  

I will of course share the process with you and the final product as we begin looking at pieces, fabric and all the fun that goes into redecorating.  

Now, if I can stay in budget and keep my hubby from having a heart attack, all will go well.......

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Since I completely bombed the last healthy recipe I tried to make, I have done a 180 and made one of the most unhealthy but completely delicious recipes out there.

On New Year's Eve I was introduced to the Buffalo Chicken Dip by the Brown Eyed Baker.  A friend of mine had made it and I was hooked.  To say that I may have eaten half the pan would not be an understatement.  Of course I had to get the recipe and make it myself.

The end result was just as good as I had remembered it and though I received a phone call from my mom and then forgot that it was in the oven, the overcooked cheese on top did not ruin it.  I will in fact remember the next time to set the timer for 30 minutes instead of 40 just in case.  Served with tortilla chips and celery (you know, to make it a little healthier) made the perfect appetizer with friends.

This may be making another appearance on Super Bowl Sunday since everything you eat or drink on that day has no calories.

Monday, January 14, 2013


It is sale season!

With the holidays over retailers are ready to get rid of merchandise and it is benefiting all of us.

I will admit that I have fallen victim to some of the "additional 30% off all sale items" across the internet but with the prices that are out there, it really is hard to say no.  

To help facilitate your online shopping, here are some of my favorite retailers, the discounts they are offering and the code to use.

Be careful though.  It gets addicting.

Helmut Lang
Extra 25% off Sale with code XTRA25
Extra 30% off Sale with code LOVEIT

Extra 20% off Sale with code EXTRA20
Extra 30% off Final Sale with code EXTRA30
Neiman Marcus
Extra 25% off Last Call Sale Items
Extra 30% off final sale with code STYLEFIND
Up to 70% off items
This should keep you busy for a while!

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