Friday, February 28, 2014


On Wednesday, a situation left a bad taste in my mouth.  I won't go into details but here is the jist.  I told someone that something they did was inappropriate.  They absolutely did not like to hear that and the response was extremely rude and disrespectful.  Normally, I would let this eat me alive.  It would bother me and I would become more infuriated and probably say things I shouldn't because, well, I tend to have a temper.  But I didn't.  I just realized that in the grand scheme of life, it was just not worth engaging in.  My desire to stay away from negativity and worry led me to simply, shut my mouth, walk away and not worry about it again.  And since it did leave me with a yucky feeling, I figured my only option was to do something good.  So, I walked over to the One Good Deed a Day diary I was given for my birthday back in September and decided to start giving it a try.  One year of good deeds, one done each day.  Flipping through I realized how crazy easy so many of them are and that I should have started this a long time ago.  I instantly felt better and this only confirms that when we see negativity, we have two options.  To allow it to fester within ourselves, growing from nothing into a monster, or simply choosing not to let it get to us and move on with a smile.

If you missed it this week...
I tried looking better naked...   
I finally cooked again...
I bailed on Wednesday...

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Beach Ready

Spring Break Wish List

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Beach Tote: Calypso St. Barth / Cover Up: Calypso St. Barth / Bikini: Eberjey / Flats: Tory Burch / Hat: J. Crew

Watching the retailers fill with gorgeous beach-ready suits, clothing and accessories, I am getting incredibly anxious for summer.  Warm weather, beach visits, late mornings, no school.  IT IS SO CLOSE!  Well, okay, it still a few months away but I am already counting down.
And just because the weather hasn't caught up, it doesn't mean our closets can't.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

I have been absolutely terrible with recipe posts lately.
It is not that I haven't been cooking, it is just that I haven't been planning appropriately and am usually enjoying the meal when I realize that I should have taken some photos.

With Spring on its way, I am going to be better at this and begin sharing some yummy recipes that are perfect for some nice weather (which I swear is coming soon for those outside of California.  We will stop monopolizing I promise!)

The hubby has an affinity to eating Paleo right now.
I do not.
In fact, I turn B*tch when I eat Paleo.
This lady needs her carbs, bread and chocolate.
But this is totally off subject.

He has been following it pretty well lately and so I was looking for some recipes that would be Paleo but that I would also eat.
 And then I found these Zucchini Parmesan Crisps.
I mean, they are just zucchini!
Well, after making them I was told that since I used cheese and bread crumbs, they are technically not Paleo.
So I ate them alone.
And they were FABULOUS.
He totally missed out.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Get Fresh

Um, okay.

It didn't take me long to reply back to Get Fresh when they offered to send me one of their 3-step Body Treatment Sets.  I mean, who doesn't want to look better naked?  Beyond that, I have also had a terrible time with dry skin this year and the treatment was created to combat dull, dry and lackluster skin.  

Sign me up.

I followed the three step process of exfoliating with the body scrub, detoxifying with a body mask and then moisturizing with the body cream.  It was easy, simply, didn't take much time and made a drastic improvement to the texture of my skin.  Did I look better naked?  Well, my skin sure felt better!  Added bonus: the lemongrass scent is amazing and who doesn't like to not only look better naked but also smell fabulous?

Get Fresh is a family owned bath and body business that began in Santa Monica in 1997.  I loved all the products they sent me but there are two things that really stood out to me about this company.  The first is that they are very open about their faith on their website.  You rarely see that these days and I highly respect that.  Second , they donate a share of sales to wounded veterans successfully reintergrate back into society, recognizing that the only reason they are able to successfully run a family business is because there are men and women protecting us, keeping our country safe and peaceful.  I know I say this a lot on here but my favorite businesses are those that give back to others.

Get Fresh carries a large line of soaps, lotions, body butters, soaks, masks and many more.  The prices are great (the Look Better Naked set is $29.80!) and they are offering all readers a 20% discount from now until March 10th.  Simply use the code JUGGLING at checkout!  I highly suggest taking a look at everything they offer and perhaps picking up something for yourself by clicking here.

* Juggling in Heels did receive complimentary products but the opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Reality is always more interesting than fiction.

Over the past few months, I have taken a detour from my traditional fiction reads and have become consumed with autobiographies.

We know where so many "famous" people have ended up but rarely do we acknowledge where they started.

So far, I have loved books by Diane Vreeland, Rob Lowe, Simon Doonan and Diane von Furstenberg.  I am currently reading Grace by Grace Coddington, the Creative Director at Vogue and it just might be my favorite.  

I find how people began in their careers absolutely fascinating and love the tell-tale story that success is NEVER handed to you.  Plus, the fashion world is CA-RAZY and the stories these individuals tell are priceless.  

Are there any autobiographies that you have read that are a must?  
I would love to hear!

If you missed it this week...
We spent the day at this Orange County favorite...
I admired some Street Style...
I shared a new obsession...

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

When I was a younger girl, my father developed an addiction to sneakers.

No matter how many pairs or colors he had, there was always a new pair to pick up.  

During the 90's, my dad and every NBA Star were building their sneaker collection.  

And look where we are today.

Sneakers are EVERYWHERE.

And no longer are they only seen at the gym or with the most casual of looks.

Dresses, skirts, leather pants, skinny jeans.

You name it, sneakers have been invited to join.

And I love this because THEY MAKE SENSE!  

Not only because there are moments when I desperately need a pedicure and need to hide the toes, but because I am running around all the time and though even flats and boots can be comfortable, nothing compares to sneakers.  I also love the way they look with a more formal pant or dress because what fun is it to always follow the traditional rules?  Plus, talk about the perfect shoe that is just as practical in winter as they are in summer.

So my dad was on to something.

Like Father, like daughter.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fashion Week Street Style

With New York Fashion Week complete and London Fashion Week in progress, it is hard to not be enamored by all the looks; both on and off the runways.  Street Style has and continues to be just as much a part of Fashion Week as the shows are, showcasing some of the best fashion has to offer.  Here is just a snippet of some of my favorites.  I could really flip through these all day long...

All photos via Harper's Bazaar

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Laguna Beach

It has been a while since we have had a day to do whatever we wanted as a family.  President's Day gifted us with a day free of practices, school, work and games so we took advantage and headed down to one of our favorite spots, Laguna Beach.  Laguna has such a unique feel to it, unlike many of the beach cities here.  A little more laid back.  A little more eclectic.  It is definitely a place to recenter and enjoy some smiles with the kids.  We spent the day running on the beach, enjoying lunch at The Cliff and even though the clouds began to roll in, we weren't going to miss shakes at the Ruby's Shake Shack.

You can find some of our other Orange County favorites here.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dinner with Friends

In our crazy scheduled world, there seems to be no time for simply enjoying other people's company.  We so often run from one event to the next and forget that the meaning of life is not how many sports are kids are involved in, how many things we can volunteer for and how many hours we can work.  The true meaning is developing lasting relationships with people who make you better, support you through the ups and downs of life and become family, not just friends.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, my resolution this year is to create more moments like this, slowing down the schedule and making time to gather around the table with special people in our life.  Saturday night was our first attempt and what a night it was.

Babysitters were booked, the menu was planned and we spent 7 uninterrupted hours with some incredible friends.  I honestly cannot tell you all the topics that filled these 7 hours but I do know that I have not laughed that much in a long time.  I also know that no one wanted it to end, leading to me finally getting into bed at 2am.  It was wonderful.  And exactly what the hubby and I intended when began planning.  I cannot wait to do it again.

And thank goodness today is a holiday because this 35 year old cannot bounce back like she used to be able to.

The resolution is off to a good start and such a special reminder of what is really important in life.  
I am already looking forward to the next dinner.

And of course, it wouldn't be a holiday weekend without some great sales across the internet.  Piperlime has a great selection of new Spring pieces and is offering 25% off these items with code HAPPY from now until February 18th.  I have picked out some of my favorites below.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating those individuals truly special in their lives.  Spouses, children, friends and family make such an impact on who we are and though it can sometimes be stamped as a "Hallmark holiday", there is something sweet about showing some affection towards those we care about.

Our plans?

To eat dinner at home with the kids, drink some good wine, watch a movie and see how fast I can inhale the cake above.


If you missed it this week...
Baby Girl and I had our makeup done...
I have my eye on these baubles...
This was one of my favorites from Fashion Week...

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Move Forward


I have discovered that I tend to be a negative person.

You would never know it.  

I laugh.  I smile.  I have the best time with friends and family.  But yet, I am still negative.  

Negative about what you ask?

Well, I am discovering.... most everything.

The thing is.  I may not say negative things.  I may never show my negativity.  No, my negativity is defined through my worry.  Worry about me.  Worry about my kids.  Worry about the husband.  

And yes, worrying is being negative.

And it sucks.

And I don't like this characteristic in me.

I worry about bad things happening.
I worry about my children getting hurt by others.
I worry about my successes and failures.
I worry about my children getting sick.
I worry about something happening to my husband when he travels.

This list could really go on and on.

And then something hits me in the face.  

And it is usually another child.

A child who is facing something negative, something scary, and yet shows only positivity.

A child who smiles when they have just gone through chemo.  A child who smiles when they do not know what is happening to them.  A sick child who shows compassion for another sick child.

And then I realize what a fool I am.

We live this life once.  And shitty things are going to happen.  But why worry about them happening before they actually do?  And why is it that children are the ones that teach us adults how to act when it comes to facing something scary and unknown.  Shouldn't we be the ones teaching them?

But so often we are not.

My friend made an amazing comment last week that has stuck with me ever since and hopefully she doesn't mind sharing it here.  

" We try to teach our children to be brave, strong-minded and resilient...but when a child teaches us those things...that's a life lesson".

It couldn't have been better stated.

Becoming an adult seems to bring a world of negativity.  Always expecting the worst, not appreciating what you have, demanding more out of life when what we have been given is a gift.

Children remind us that this is not a negative world.
It is not a place to dwell on what could happen.
It is not a gift that should be wasted.

It is a gift that we should embrace, love and smile each day, because God didn't provide us this gift to spend it worrying.  It was given for us to embrace it fully.

So now I am moving forward.

I have decided there is no room for negativity and worry in my life.  

And I am going to do my best to move beyond this, taking a few lessons from some incredible children that I know.  

And I invite you to join me.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Victoria Beckham Fall 2014 R/W

In college, if you were to ask me who my favorite Spice Girl was, well, I would actually have wondered what was wrong with you because who asks that question?  But then I would have responded with Posh Spice.  I loved her look.  In fact, her look became my look for numerous nights out on the town.  I mean, I already had the short, straight dark brown hair.  All I needed to do was throw on a LBD and black heels and there you go.  Effortless chic without too much fuss.  And good for her for picking that role.  Who wants to wear British flag leotards or pigtails and baby clothes?  Not me and definitely not Posh.

And now, 16 years later, I am still admiring Victoria Beckham's style and ability to create collection after collection that exudes class and sophistication without much fuss.  They are sexy without being too revealing and showcase the female figure through simple lines and perfect cuts.  Her Fall 2014 R/W Collection is no exception.  Black, white and a little red throughout.  My ideal combination and one of my favorites so far from Fashion Week.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.... all of it!

All photos via

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spring Time Baubles

As our California winter fades again (we had a good week of it this time) and warm weather returns this week, I cannot help but feel that Spring is almost here and it is time to refresh the accessories.  

My first stop is usually Baublebar.  I love searching their site for great pieces at even better prices.  Throw in free shipping and free returns and it is a no brainer. It is the perfect way to refresh your jewelry without breaking the bank.

Monday, February 10, 2014


One thing that I hate to do on my own and absolutely love to get done is my makeup.

Sure I can handle taking care of myself from day to day, but when an event comes up, the first thing I want to do is make an appointment to have my makeup done.  It just makes everything so much easier, allows me to be more adventurous with my look (I can only do so much on myself) and who doesn't love getting a little pampered?  The only downfall of this is that I usually go to a department store to get it done and tend to walk out with products I would not normally use because, well, you are a tad bit obligated to purchase a few things.  Other times I have had someone come to the house but I am spending at least a $100, which can add up during event season.  

This is where Blushington comes in.

Blushington is a makeup and beauty lounge offering incredible services for even better prices.  I had heard this was opening up at Fashion Island but had yet to make a visit.  They invited Baby Girl and I in last Thursday and so we decided to see what Blushington was all about.

First things first.  The space is adorable.  Extremely feminine, fun and immediately gets you excited for a little beauty pampering.  Baby Girl felt instantly at home, and began eating cookies before we even knew what was happening.

For me, I had the option of numerous looks, depending on where I was off to.  I decided to look particularly glamorous for school pick up.  For Baby Girl, they offer a Sweet Pea package, allowing her to feel girlie with mommy while putting on a very minimal amount of makeup.  She still had to pick her look though and of course I was not at all shocked by the one that she picked.  I am in trouble...

We took our seats and it was time to start looking glam.

Thirty minutes later, DONE!

The entire staff at Blushington was extremely friendly. From Stephi, the Founder, to all the makeup artists, they made Baby Girl and I feel extremely welcomed and walked me through all that Blushington can offer.  Some of my favorites:

* The Full Face package - $40 and 30 minutes and I am ready for a night out on the town.

* The Sweet Pea package - I need my makeup done for an event and can I keep Baby Girl entertained for $10 with very little makeup applied?  No brainer.

* Teen Makeup Class - For $50 your teenager can sit with a makeup artist and learn how to properly apply makeup so that they look appropriate and boost confidence without being too made up.  The makeup artist will then do half their face and allow the young lady to do the other half, ensuring she knows how to do it herself!

* At Home Services - Many times my friends and I are running around like crazy people the day of an event due to our kids sports schedules.  Blushington will come to you and make the entire process of getting ready a little less stressful.  Who doesn't love a little girl time prior to an event...especially when champagne can be involved?

* Makeup Series - If you find you can use this service numerous times, you can buy a package offering a certain number of makeup applications for a discounted rate.

This is really just a few items available but I recommend taking a look at all the services and classes offered.

Blushington has locations in Newport Beach, West Hollywood and Dallas.
For more information you can visit their website here.

And the big question.  Will I be back?

Friday, February 7, 2014

The taped rectangle

See that large taped rectangle in the bottom center of the wall?

This might be the only rectangle in the world that can drive me crazy.

The smaller rectangle is a print that is currently being matted and framed.
The two sticks are the lamps that are already purchased and waiting to go in their place.
The large rectangle is a modern wood sideboard that works in the room and is 72 inches long and 32 inches tall, at a price that makes sense.
And it apparently doesn't exist.

I have look at more websites than I can count and have texted my designer more than she cares for with items that I am finding but are just a little bit off.  Perhaps it is a little short of 72 inches long.  Perhaps is is not 32 inches tall.  Perhaps it is not modern enough.  Perhaps the wood is not right.  Perhaps it is more than I want to spend.  Perhaps it is located in Belgium and too much of a pain to get here (true story).  Whatever the problem, I get extremely close to loving one, only to find that it will not work.  

And normally, I have extreme patience with these sorts of things, knowing that at times, it can take a while to find something.  But for whatever the reason, I am determined to find the perfect one, no matter how many hours I spend scouring the internet.  It is totally unlike me but I cannot help it.  I try to step away and then I start searching again.  It is almost like the harder it seems to be to find, the more I am crazed with finding it.

Has this ever happened to you?

I have promised myself that I am not going to look at all this weekend, leaving the hunt for the professional that I have hired to help me with this.  No more sideboard searching for me!  The insanity has got to stop!

And on a less crazy note, the room is coming together quite nicely!  Our bottom rug is almost done and will add some warmth and coverage under the cowhide.  We had a large mirror made that is going to be installed next week and I CANNOT wait to see how it turned out.  Next on the list is wallpaper for the entry and drapes.  It has quickly become my favorite room in the house.  I will be sure to share photos when everything is complete.

Happy Weekend.     

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New York


Every year, when January comes to a close, two realities set in.  The first is that baseball season has begun which means that for 5 months, we will be moving at 1,000 miles an hour, spending the majority of our time on a baseball field.  The second is that summer is only a few months away and it is time to start chatting about where we would like to go on vacation.

Vacation to some means just taking a break from life.  Hawaii and Mexico are standard destinations for many and are both amazing places to rest and regroup.  To me though, vacation is not just about taking a break from life but also about seeing the world and sharing it with my kids.

I absolutely love traveling with my kids.  To see their faces experience something they have never seen before is amazing.  Just like their parents, they have developed a love for big cities and we have a blast exploring new places together.  So far, their favorite vacations have been Chicago and Washington D.C., both ranked higher than Hawaii, which too many might seem crazy.  For them, not shocking.  And so, when asked where they would like to go this summer for vacation, the answer did not surprise us at all.

New York.

And so, New York we will go.

I can't wait!

Here is the request list I have gathered from the kids (and perhaps myself) so far...
Yankee game
9-11 Memorial
a Broadway show
Natural History Museum
The Met

The amount of things to do in New York is endless so here is my question for all of you.  Have you been to and/or lived in New York with kids?  If so, what are we missing on the list?  Is there anything we must do while we are there with them?  Please share as all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Have you thought about going anywhere this summer?  I would love to hear!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Closet Gem

To this day, these are my most favorite thing in my closet.
Given to me by the hubby for our 9th anniversary.
Signed by Manolo.

A lot of things come and go from the closet but these beauties are here to stay.

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