Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Fall Looks From Tory Burch

Tory Burch keeps getting it right.  Each season I feel like she takes it up a notch and produces a collection even better than the season before.  This Fall is no exception and I can see myself wearing all of it.  These four looks are my favorites with #3 being top of the list.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?    

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of My Favorites: L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes

I have two major issues with mascara.

1. I have long lashes and no matter what I use (waterproof or not), my lashes touch my eyelid and they leave marks.

2. It takes about 50 cotton balls and 1/2 a bottle of eye makeup remover (perhaps exaggerating a bit...) to take off mascara from the lashes, under the lids and then again in the morning when more seems to appear.

I have tried numerous mascaras from Maybelline to Dior and NOTHING has solved these two problems.  I mentioned these issues to my sister and she recommended L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes.

This stuff is fantastic.  It makes my lashes look insane (even longer than they are if that is possible), does not leave any marks on my eyelids AND, since they are tubes, they simply slide right off when washing my face with NO residue.  And as if that was not enough, you cannot beat the price!  FABULOUS!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Old Becomes New Again

I received this bear from my Uncle when I was 5 years old.

I had been asking for a Gund (remember: "Gotta Getta, Gotta Getta, GUND! - so 80's, I know) and I absolutely loved it.  From first grade until probably 6th grade (yes, I know, perhaps a bit old), I slept with it every night as I was a bit afraid of the dark (admittedly, I still am a bit) and he made me feel safe.  

Fast forward 28 years.

My Middle Man has been having a terrible time with being afraid.  He wakes up in the night from bad dreams and then is exhausted the next day, leading into some tough days at school.  The other night, he was so afraid of a bad dream that he didn't want to go to sleep.  I had no idea what to do until I remembered my bear, that was still with us, sitting in my Baby Girl's room.  I told him that I had a magic bear that I slept with when I was little and that he made sure I was never scared.  This caught his attention and I ran to get the bear.  Middle Man was fascinated and slept with him all night.  He is now hooked.

He has named him Magic Beary and he goes to school with us, watches TV with us, and was even there when my son needed to get a cavity filled.

I am so happy that he has finally found some comfort and love that it came from something that gave me so much comfort growing up.  Who knew this stuffed animal would be so important in both my life and my son's.  He obviously is a magic bear.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Designer Obsession: Issa London

I may not have mentioned this before but I have a major dress obsession.  MAJOR.  Love them.  Casual, formal, maxi, mini, gowns.  I am not prejudice against any type of dress and if it was practical with three children, I would wear one every day of the week.  For this reason I spend way too much time looking at dresses online.  And, thanks to Kate Middleton and the gorgeous blue dress she wore to announce her engagement to Prince William, I am currently obsessed with all things Issa London.  The designer, Daniella Helayel, can do no wrong in my book.  Her dresses are stunning without being over the top.  Simple elegance at its best.  Here are just a few favorites from her 2011 collection.  The 2012 collection was just presented during London's Fashion Week and I CANNOT wait to see them beyond just the fashion show video! (And am slightly jealous of JPT who was at the show!)


And don't forget to enter my Harper's Bazaar subscription giveaway!

Monday, September 26, 2011

**GIVEAWAY** Harper's Bazaar Magazine Subscription

That's right!  My first giveaway!  Since September marks 6 months of Juggling in Heels, I thought what a perfect time to start doing some giveaways around here!  And what better way to kick it off than by giving away a one year subscription to my absolute favorite fashion magazine, Harper's Bazaar.  This magazine always gets it right.  It is one of the few magazines I read cover to cover each month and if you are a fashion addict like I am, you will love it too.  The winner's subscription will begin at the start of 2012.  What a way to kick off the New Year!

Here is how to enter:
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For additional entries:
Follow Juggling in Heels on Twitter and mention this giveaway (or simply retweet!)
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You have until Monday, October 3, 2011 to enter!

Good luck!

A little side note: This contest is for US residents only.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paris Favorites: Everything Else

As the week comes to a close and "real life" has finally set in, I will share some final photos of some of my favorites from our trip.  I hope you have enjoyed walking through it all with me but if you are sick of hearing about it, don't worry, next week it is back to Mommyhood and Retail Therapy!

Revoir a Paris!  Until next time!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paris Favorites: Wine Tasting

As if we did not have enough wine at this point in the trip, we spent an entire day wine tasting while in Beaune.  And when I say an entire day, I mean an ENTIRE day.  The first appointment was at 10am and we ended at 11:30pm with the close of dinner.  We did all of our tasting in town and what we did not expect was the history behind wine making in France.  Sorry Napa, you have nothing on this.  Two of our favorite vineyards were Bouchard Pere & Fils and Maison Champy.  Here are some of the pictures taken from their caves and of course, our tasting....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paris Favorites: Hotel Le Cep

For the majority of our trip, we stayed in Paris at The Westin Paris, which was fabulous.  We did however, jump on the train to spend three days in Beaune, France, situated in Burgundy.  Our thoughts were that it would be nice to get out of the big city for a while, enjoy the French countryside and of course, go wine tasting!  A co-worker of my husband suggested we stay at Hotel Le Cep.  He said we would love it but we had no idea what to except.  This boutique hotel absolutely blew us away.  It was incredibly French and romantic.  We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a junior suite and for two nights, I felt like I was living in a Royal French Chateau.  Here are just a few pictures of our room and around the hotel.....

The entire experience in Beaune was incredible and it was my favorite three days of the trip.  I really cannot wait to go back.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paris Favorites: Le Chateau de Versailles Bike Tour

One of my absolute favorite things we did while in Paris was the Versailles Bike Tour through Fat Tire Bike Tours.  It was suggested by my best friend and I am SO happy she had told us about it.  It was absolutely incredible.  First, you pick up your bike and then start riding to the train station.  During this time you are expected to remember how to ride a bike, which I will admit, took me a few minutes (it has been a looooong time).  You hop on the train and take a 20 minute ride to Versailles.  Once you are there, the tour is filled with shopping at a local market, biking through Versailles, having a picnic on the lake and finishing up with a tour of the Chateau.  Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.  Here are some pictures of our day (it was hard to narrow down!).  They do not do it justice but at least you will get a glimpse of what we saw....

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