Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Capital

Jonathan Adler George Washington Pillow

We are in Washington, D.C!

We arrived yesterday and are taking in what it means to experience an East Coast least for a few days.

The next few days will be spent enjoying time with friends we have not seen in a while, taking in D.C and all it has to offer, and taking advantage of the opportunity to share another part of the country with the kids.  To fully enjoy some "time off", I will be taking a break from posting tomorrow and Monday but will be back next week!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


He's eight!

I cannot believe it!

It continues to amaze me how fast life can go.

I blinked and my first born become a boy.  
Not a little boy, but a boy.
And he is right on his way to being a young man.

He is OBSESSED with ESPN and EVERY sport imaginable.
He lets his little brother win when they play football outside.
He does the sign of the cross on his little sister's forehead before she goes to bed.
He tells me that he is going to go to college at Alabama and play in the NBA.
He tells me he loves me when I least expect it.
He truly is a blessing to me and the hubby.

Happy 8th Birthday Oldest!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Medicine Cabinet

Chalk it up to the bi-polar weather we have been having (or perhaps the steady increase of cocktails due to the rise of holiday parties) but my skin has been taking a beating over the past few weeks.  Anyone else have this problem?

I have added these items to my routine and could not be happier with how they are treating my skin.  I would call them miracle workers but then you may say I am simply dramatic and disregard my praise.  So, I would simply say, if you would like to slow aging just a tad, or perhaps "may" indulge in some holiday festivities of your own, definitely give some of these a try.
EVE LOM 'Rescue' Mask
I have mentioned numerous times my obsession with the EVE LOM Cleanser (daily ritual is amazing) but I have also now added this mask to the list.  I use it on nights prior to going out and it makes your skin baby soft, making makeup application as smooth as can be.
Cleanser + Mask = Perfection.
Dior Addict 'Lip Glow' Color Reviver Balm
This is like lip balm on steriods.  It makes your lips incredibly soft, adds some color to them and can be used on its own or prior to applying lipstick to ensure it goes on smooth.  I use this every morning and keep in my purse for additional applications.
Darphin Predermine Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Makes your skin incredibly soft and I have definitely noticed a difference in my fine lines. I use it at night, every night.
It is my favorite part of my bedtime routine.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
My Best Friend J introduced this to me over the summer while we were visiting in Chicago and I have been using it ever since.  I wear this Monday through Friday when I want some basic coverage without wearing foundation.  Plus, I am a sunscreen freak these days and love that it has SPF.
Butter London West End Wonderland
Okay, this does nothing for your skin but sparkles and I love it.

Click here and here for some of my other medicine cabinet favorites!

Monday, November 26, 2012


So, I gave in.

On Friday I stated that I stay away from all malls on Black Friday like the plague.  Well, not in those words.  I am feeling a little more dramatic today.

And the truth is, I did stay away!  Until Sunday.

With our trip to Washington D.C. looming, I thought I would try and take advantage of all the sales and collect some warm, cozy sweaters for the 35 degree cold I am about to throw myself into.

In typical Sarah form, this is what happens.

I go into a million stores with "SALE" signs everywhere and find nothing.
I venture into H&M and Zara for a second only to dislike how crowded they are and leave.
I walk into Club Monaco where half of the store is an additional 30% off of all their sale.
And I fall in love with a FULL PRICED, NO DISCOUNT, amazing sweater.

Club Monaco Aran Sweater

As I said, typical.

But I LOVE it.
So cozy.
A beautiful winter white.
If it came in other colors I would have snapped them up too.
And it was one of the ONLY sweaters I found in South Coast Plaza that is thick, long sleeved and will actually keep me warm in cold weather.
Apparently we do not sell many "real" sweaters in Orange County.

And speaking of sweaters...
If you do not follow me on Instagram (@jugglinginheels), here is the hubby and I all dressed up for my parent's Ugly Sweater party in what I would like to call "Christmas threw up on us" outfits.

Pretty right?

Friday, November 23, 2012


Black Friday.

One of my most favorite days of the year....and not because of the deals.
I actually hate shopping on this day (blame my days at Nordstrom).

No, I love it because it is the day we spend getting the entire house ready for Christmas.
The lights are going up on the house, the hubby is setting up the tree, I ordered our Christmas cards and our Elf, Stop (named by a once 4 yr old little boy) has arrived.
By the end of the day our home will be prepped for Christmas and I will be dressing up in the most ugly ensemble I can think of for an Ugly Sweater Party, a perfect way to kick off the upcoming month of parties.

There really is nothing like the month of December and Christmas Time.

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend as much as am I!
Until next week!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am so thankful for....

I have been so blessed with such incredibly family and friends in my life and today I am beyond thankful for each of them.... including so many more who are not shown in these photos.  This post truly could have gone on forever.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I would like to thank the Serena and Lily Private Sale for having this fab elephant quilt for Baby Girl's "Big Girl" room.
My hubby would like to thank you for offering it at half the price.

If you have not made a visit to the Serena and Lily Private Sale yet, you MUST take a look.
They have SO MUCH and it is all up to 50% off.
Things are selling out fast though and it only runs until Friday so don't wait! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adding to the list and a winner

First and foremost, I want to congratulation my Stella & Dot Personal Stylist, Sally on the arrival of her BEAUTIFUL baby girl!  I can only imagine all the Stella & Dot this little one is going to own.  Sally continues to be a fabulous sponsor of Juggling in Heels and I couldn't be more excited for her.

My top three picks for this month shift a bit from simply jewelry to some of the other items Stella & Dot now carry.  If you haven't shopped the line lately, you may not be aware that they have ventured into the land of handbags, scarves and tech accessories.  Though I am still a sucker for their jewelry, I am finding myself drawn to some of the new items as well.
Bryant Park Scarf in Poppy
I am obsessed with the elephant print on this.

Jewelry Travel Case
I could really use a better jewelry travel case that is a bit larger than the one I have.
This case makes everything so nice and organized for this OCD brain.

Delicate Gold Plated Cross Pendant
Of course I need to include at least one piece of jewelry.
I love the mixing of metals in this.
Such a pretty piece.

Also, the winner of the Four Peas Giveaway is.... 

"I liked Four Peas Inc. on Facebook AND I recognize the "guitar" backpack from a little boy in my son's kindergarten ;)" 

Please email me by clicking here so I can gather your information to send on to Four Peas!

Thank you everyone for entering!

RANDOM.ORG is the website utilized to select the winner of Juggling in Heels giveaways.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Leopard Booties

A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of leopard booties at Target for $8.  I think the latte I was drinking at the time cost more than that.  There are so many ways to wear leopard booties but below is my IDEAL look.  I would live in capes, leather, the color oxblood and leopard if I could and this look incorporates all of them.  Who said owning a pair of leopard booties was weird?  Not me (maybe my husband).  But at $8, it would be weird NOT to.  

How to Wear Leopard Booties

I survived our crazy last week and am SO excited for this holiday week!  No school, no homework, no waking up early and of course, Thanksgiving.  I am not sure who is more excited.  Me or the kids.  
I hope you all have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

LA Bound

This morning I am off to LA to participate in an exciting project that I cannot wait to tell you about....I just can't yet.  The wardrobe options are ready, the bag of shoes is filled and I will be heading out the door in just a minute.  Before I go though I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the Four Peas Giveaway.  There are few entries so your odds are very good!  Don't forget to "like" them on Facebook and leave your comment on the post in order to enter.  You have until midnight tomorrow night!  

I will be getting home pretty late tonight and tomorrow I need to get ready for 3 sporting events and a sleepover involving 8 boys (what did I do?????) on Saturday so I am signing off for the weekend.  Have a fabulous three days and I will be back next week because there is no school, no sports and a holiday.  I LOVE next week already and it is not even here yet!

Happy weekend!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PV Body

So, traithlon training continues.  I am now up to running 5 miles, biking 18-20 miles and swimming roughly 1.5 miles.  It really has been fun working out with friends and having a goal that we are all excited to hit.  Lets see if we can keep this motivation up through the holidays!

Because I am working out a lot more, I noticed that I am going through my workout clothes a lot faster during the week.  Obviously cleaning clothes are my nemesis so I know I need to invest in more but for me, buying workout clothes is about as annoying as buying bras.  I HATE spending a ton of money on something that I am going to sweat in.  I would much rather have a new sweater, blouse, pair of shoes....the list could go on and on.

This is where PV Body comes in.

PV Body is a Santa Monica based company that delivers monthly workout clothes to your front door.  Fun right?!  Each package costs $39.95 and contains one top and one pant.  I honestly think you cannot beat $20 a piece.  In order to ensure that you are getting what you like, they begin the process with you completing a questionnaire on the type of workouts you like, your style (I obviously picked bright colors), your favorite athletic brands, celebrity style, etc.  After you have completed this they put together a profile for you and your first box is shipped!  The items can be from a number of brands such as Nike, Lululemon, Hard Tail, American Apparel and Nux.

Here is what arrived in my first box.

And here is me wearing them.
Top: Nux Pants: American Apparel both c/o PV Body
I absolutely loved both the top and pants and went immediately off for a run in them.  I was very happy that they listen to my measurements as I am very tall with a long torso and sometimes different lines run totally different, leaving me with a crop top and awkward pants.  What they sent was the perfect size in both.  Would I use this service again?  Absolutely.  I figure that getting 5-6 pieces of athletic wear for the same price as 1 pant from some retailers just makes economic sense.    

If you are worried about not liking what you receive, PV Body will work with you to make an exchange to ensure you are happy with the product.  If you want to take a break in the delivery of your box, you can do that too.  Simply contact PV Body and they will ensure you do not receive a box for the month selected.  They really make it easy to enjoy the service of receiving new clothes at home without you feeling trapped in the system.

If you are interested in trying out PV Body, simply click here to get started!  The amazing people over at PV Body are offering you 20% off your first box!  It is really hard to say no to that, isn't it?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Prep with Space NK

Last week I hosted my third event with Nicky Kinnaird and the Space.NK team at Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza and this one topped all the rest (here are the first and second events).  The event was moved to the upstairs lounge to accommodate additional individuals.  This provided a fantastic space for Nicky to walk through what is new for Winter, how to prep and keep your makeup looking fresh through all of your holiday parties, and some great gift suggestions for the holidays.  I wish I would have taken better photos of everyone there but I now consider myself an honorary member of the Space NK team and was having too much fun helping people shop instead of snapping away and brushing my hair (as is noticeable in the below photo).  Don't worry though.  I was still able to pick up a couple of gifts and the Predermine Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream, an item I received in my last gift bag that I loved and had to start using.  

Thank you Space. NK and Bloomingdale's for allowing me to host yet another fabulous event!  
"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

Monday, November 12, 2012


Saturday night we attended the Providence Speech and Hearing Center benefit and it was actually cold here in Southern California.  One thing I noticed that I was missing for evening attire was a great Lady Coat that I could wear over a cocktail dress when the temperatures drop.  That led to me realizing that I really do not have a ton of coats in my wardrobe thanks to mild temperatures all year around.  But what happens when I travel?  We are headed to Washington D.C. in just a few weeks and I am going to FREEZE.  That was all I needed.  I am now obsessed with getting a fab new winter coat.  I have continued to look all over the internet but continue to come back to this one.  

J Crew Lady Coat in fresh plum
Yes, I know black is much more practical but I cannot help but love this color.  And if not this color, then red, or retro jade or golden sun.  J. Crew has provided way too many options to choose from.  

I have a lot to share with you this week but honestly, right now I want to go kick my feet up instead of editing photos so you are going to have to wait just a little bit.  This is a marathon week that is going to be CA-RAZY (I am still not sure how 5 games is going to work out, plus practices and a day spent in LA) so I am going to go hydrate, eat the pumpkin bread that I made and indulge in one last relaxing evening.  And yes, I just gave away my secret that a lot of times, I write my post the night before.  It just works out better that way sometimes.  

And don't forget!  The Four Peas giveaway closes at the end of the week so make sure you enter before Friday!

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I shall send my farewell for the week with this Zoe Karssen Adieu Jersey Top.
It is fab and on sale for $52.50.  Double fab.

Until Monday my friends!

To enter the Four Peas Giveaway click here.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

**GIVEAWAY** Four Peas

I am not going to lie.
My giveaways lately have totally disregarded the ladies and the kids are having all the fun.
But then again, I love shopping for the little ones so perhaps you do too.
So here is another fun giveaway for your little one that allows you to go shopping for them and spend NO money.
This is the type of shopping my hubby loves.

This giveaway is sponsored by Four Peas, a company which creates some of the cutest personalized backpacks, messenger bags, lunch bags, pencil cases, duffle bags and much, much more.  We recently received the bags and the kids couldn't wait to start using them.  Therefore, we did a little photo shoot in the backyard.  

Cute right?!  I especially appreciate that the prints on the boys bags are a little more "grown up".  It gets hard to find personalized items for them that are not too "little boy".  Also, I love that Baby Girl's is still girly but not pink.  And are you shocked I am sharing my kids names?  Well, at least 2 out of 3 of them?  Let's see if you remember them in a week.

Beyond having great eye appeal, all their bags utilize PVC materials in their lining and are made of quality materials to ensure they are made to withstand abuse by your little ones.  Middle Man is now using his backpack for his swim bag, the Oldest wants to take his messenger bag on our upcoming trip to Washington D.C and Baby Girl has a new "purse".  It is easy to say they are fans of their new bags.

Now for the giveaway news!

Four Peas is giving one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to shop in their online store.  With item ranging from $2.50 to $36, you can do some great shopping with this and perhaps pick up a Christmas present or two!  To enter, all you need to do is...

Visit the Four Peas Facebook page by clicking here and "like" them.  Then leave a comment below stating that you have done this.  Don't forget to leave a comment.  Your entry will not count if there is not one.  

That's it!

This giveaway will run from today until next Friday, November 16th at midnight.

Good Luck!

* The children of Juggling in Heels were provided each of these bags compliments of Four Peas but my opinion is 100% my own.  This giveaway is for US residents only.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Luxury Garage Sale

I was perusing through my DuJour magazine when I came across an article on Luxury Garage Sale, an upscale consignment service specializing in selling new and gently used contemporary, designer and vintage clothing and accessories.  I have been extremely fascinated by the world of consignment and the gems that people seem to find but never really took the leap and began shopping for consigned items.  After reading the article, I took a trip over to their online store and bid on my first item within the first 30 minutes.  The next day I had won a new gorgeous cashmere Chris Benz sweater dress for a quarter of the price!  I WAS HOOKED.

I now visit Luxury Garage Sale on a weekly basis to preview their new merchandise and perhaps place a bid or two.  This month they even took their business to the next level and opened a boutique in Chicago, which I WISH I could visit (next trip out there for sure!).  I am fascinated with their store and the entire business of consignment so I reached out and asked the owners, Brielle Buchburg and Lindsay Segal to give some insight into their business, their passion for vintage and a little about themselves.  

Tell me a little about yourselves and how LGS came about.

Brielle: We have been friends since we were three years old. I was previously working as a corporate event planner and in my spare time was helping my grandparents sell their overstock from their home interior store on ebay. Lindsay was doing visual merchandising at Bloomingdales and on the side was personal styling and helping clients clean out their closets. Her fashion background and my newly learned expertise of the resale market and ebay led us to join forces and launch Luxury Garage Sale.

Where does your inventory come from (both consignment and NWT)?  Are there challenges to ensure you always have new and fresh pieces available for your clients?

Lindsay: We work with individual clients as well as stores. After the end of each season, we take store overstock from boutiques nationwide that hasn't moved after their last sale. Mostly though, we get our unique stand out pieces from individual consignors going through some sort of life change and wanting to pare down.

Authenticity is sometimes hard to confirm these days.  How do you make sure the items being consigned are legitimate designer pieces?

Brielle: This is EXTREMELY important to us. We have an authenticator on staff who is trained in finding the markings and other details that separate a real item from a fake item.

I feel many people get scared of buying consignment pieces for the first time.  What are some suggestions you have to those who may be new to it all?

Lindsay: Find a consignment store you can trust that sells unique and authentic items. Prior to starting Luxury Garage Sale, I was never a consignment shopper, so I totally understand why people may be hesitant. We always get shoppers that our really surprised by the quality of our goods and our selections. We have seen a lot of converts!

If someone has something to consign but they are not in Chicago, is it possible for them to work with you?

Brie: Absolutely! We make the entire process hassle-free whether a client is in state or out of state. Out of state clients can email us by clicking here and we will coordinate getting a pre-paid UPS label sent to them. All they need to do is put the items in a box and we will handle the rest! You don't even need to leave your house.

Your first store has opened this month.  Please tell me a bit about your plans for the store and the client experience you are looking to offer.

Brielle: We are so excited for our doors to open! We have put so much effort into designing every aspect of the store with the help of our architect/designer Audrey Godwin. We will be stocking the store with unique new, gently used and vintage clothing and accessories. We feel the Luxury Garage Sale store will re-define consignment because it will be so highly curated -- this is not your typical consignment store! We will be getting new merchandise in every day, so our shoppers can come in every week and see new items

What are some of the best and hardest parts of running your own business?

Lindsay: Hardest is definitely work/life separation. I never leave my job at work. It is with me 24/7. I think about it all the time and sometimes it is hard to relax and just turn off my phone! The best part, is most definitely, seeing all of our hard work come to fruition! Seeing our sign driving down Wells Street is such an awesome feeling. We took a concept and executed it, and now we are able to go to work every day knowing we have developed a real, sustainable business.

What are your personal styles and who are your style influencers?  Finally, what is your most favorite piece in your closet?

Lindsay: I like patterns and bold graphics. I love black and gold. And most of all, I am obsessed with costume jewelry. My Style idol is Iris Apfel, and I am currently developing a collection that I hope will someday rival hers. My favorite piece is a new necklace with a giant hand on it that I bought in a boutique in Paris. It is awesome!

Brielle: I appreciate various different styles but know my body type and dress for it. I'd describe how I dress is "classic with a twist." I invest in pieces I can wear season after season and spice up my outfit with a great pair of shoes and statement jewelry. Most recently I've appreciated how Kourtney Kardashian was able to pull of being pregnant and put together. I'm working on that!

If you are not in Chicago you can shop like I do at their online store but if you are in the Windy City, I HIGHLY suggest stopping by their new boutique at 1658 N. Wells Street.  But is incredibly addicting.

Thank you Lindsay and Brielle and congrats on the new store!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marc Allison Jeans

Bells c/o Marc Allison Jeans
A few months ago I was introduced to Marc Allison Jeans thanks to a fab lady who works for them who also conveniently lives right down the street.  Lucky me because the second I tried on a pair, I was hooked.  I am a jean freak as I am sure many of you are.  No matter what the hubby says, I can never have enough.

Marc Allison Jeans were created by Marc Flashberg, a 30 year veteran in the denim business.  Marc felt that fit and comfort should not come just from the pattern but from the fabric as well.  And it cannot be just a great fabric but "one that moves with the body, retains it's shape and looks fashionable".  If you have ever tried a pair of these jeans on you will know that he hit the nail on the head.  First, they are the most comfortable jeans I own.  Soft is an understatement.  Second, my hubby always seems to compliment me when I am wearing them.  The fit is impeccable.  Flattering and comfortable.  Perfect.  If you do not believe me, believe Gisele Bundchen, Halle Berry or Emmy Rossum, who are all fans. 

The best part of this entire post is that they are still launching their line and therefore, have sales reps across the country who are able to sell their jeans at wholsale prices to consumers in order to get the word out.  This means that jeans which are retailing at $185-$220 can be yours for $98.

If you are interested in ordering a pair, simply click here and express your interest in a pair and Marc Allison will help connect you with a local rep.  You can view their entire collection here.  I am a huge fan of the Bell but know individuals who also love the skinny and bootcut.  

Here are additional photos of me styling the jeans over the past few weeks.. 

Want to see more?  Just click click here for an additional look!


Monday, November 5, 2012


I could have spent last night writing an extremely interesting post for you this morning but the reality of it is that I was exhausted and decided my night was best spent in a bath with magazines.  Sometimes you just need to take a break.

For that reason, I have decided to simply spend this Monday morning reminding you that this Wednesday is the Space NK event I am hosting.  If you would like to attend and have not RSVP'ed yet, click here for all the details.  This SAI-SEI Mineral Relax Bath Milk is one of the many indulgent items they carry which I have fallen for.  If you are able to attend, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 2, 2012

All Hallows Eve and a Winner

Is Halloween already over?
I am just amazed at how fast 2012 is going.
My Harry Potters and Rapunzel had such an amazing time.
For only two years old, Baby Girl sure knew how to grab a handful when they said to take as much as she wanted.  I think there is a good chance she came home with more candy than the boys.
This year we left it up to the children to dress up, though we did represent our San Francisco Giants.

And now that Halloween is over, I can officially get excited for holiday season!
November through New Years really is the best time of the year.
I just LOVE the next two months!

(I couldn't get this guy to look at me.  He was too busy doing spells)


The Winner of the Matilda Jane Gift Certificate is....


Please email Maura by clicking here to place your order!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!
If you did not win but are still interested in hosting your own Matilda Jane party, please click here to book with Maura!

Also, don't forget to RSVP to the upcoming Space NK event!
It is going to be a blast! is the website utilized to select the winner of the Juggling in Heels contests.
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