Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2 going on 16

Well, we are there.

Baby Girl no longer allows me to dress her each day.  She is ADAMANT about what she puts on and will refuse anything else.  Everyone told me we were going to get here, I just did not realize it would be this soon.  

I am totally letting her go with it though.  Fashion is about creativity and I do love that she is so invested in her "look".  Does she sometimes look like a homeless Man Repeller?  Yes.  Does it kill me to take her to church in a teal tutu?  Absolutely.  But she owns it and isn't that the whole point of fashion?  Also, if you weren't sure, pink boots are in.  Especially if Hello Kitty is on them.

Anyone else have a daughter who is defining her own style?

Also, I want to thank Wendy, a reader who saw yesterday's post and picked up the scarf for me!  
Dying!  Thank you thank you thank you! 


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