Thursday, December 6, 2012


I cannot even believe I am writing this post.
It just means I have succumbed to something that I was so adamantly opposed to in the beginning.
It is just like that Taylor Swift song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".
The first time I heard it I could not stand it.
The thousandth time I heard it I was turning it up and singing along.
Same with the sneaker trend.

When the first high top sneakers came out, I could not deal.
Perhaps they reminded me a little too much of the "Pump" Reeboks I owned in the 80's.  
After months of them not going away, I am not finding myself craving a pair.
I did own a pair of the Michael Jackson LA Gear High Tops in Junior High so perhaps it was fate.
Which pair am I craving?
This one.

Tory Burch Benjamin Leather and Flannel High Tops
But don't worry, there are MANY others out there from numerous designers.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Glam Studded High Top

Steve Madden Olympiaa High Top

Topshop Aerobic2 Wedge Sneaker

Where do you stand on this?  Love?  Hate?


  1. The last pair ok, but the Gold should be left for Halloween. BTW, I had RED Reebok high tops.

  2. I like the TB ones...can't decide on the heeled ones...I think they are cute, but would maybe hate them next year? Also, I feel the EXACT same way about that Taylor Swift song...hated it, now love it. Guess it's why we are BFFs??

  3. omg I just LOVE heel sneaks, I just got a pair and everyone loves them!


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