Monday, December 17, 2012


A child's innocence.
It is one of the greatest gifts in life.
My children have been spending their days searching for their elf, playing with the nativity, decorating Gingerbread houses and counting down until Christmas.
Their world is a happy, wonderful place filled with so much excitement.

Unfortunately, my world has seen something very different.
The events that occurred on Friday have shaken me, as they have to many.
I don't want to think about it because it brings about every fear that I have ever had as a mother.
I know I need to think about it because it is real and I need to pray for these families.

I am so grateful that I can hug my children and cry tears for the mother who no longer can.
I am so grateful for all the blessings in life but so saddened that this may be the world my children are growing up in.
I believe that the world is truly good but get so angry when the value of life seems lost.
It has been a hard few days.

Sometimes I wish for the innocence I had as a child.
Living in a world where I didn't know these things happen.
It made everything a lot easier didn't it?

I pray that all our children continue to have the innocence they so much deserve and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those children and families who were stripped of it entire too early.

May God Bless you all this holiday season.


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