Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Pretend Stylist...

Dear Pretend Stylist,

Here is the situation.  Tonight I have a Black Tie event and I am drastically ill-prepared.  Let's start at the top.  I had originally scheduled a cut and color hoping for a fabulous blow out that would last me until the evening.  Unfortunately my children's school did not realize the importance of this and scheduled a minimum day.  The good news?  My grey hairs will be covered up.  The bad news?  I am now going to be running out with wet hair and no cut to avoid being "THAT MOM" who was late for pickup.  

As far as a fake tan goes, I promise a spray tan was scheduled but then I decided to take my daughter to Disneyland instead.  I could not help but notice the spray tan Rapunzel had and was slightly jealous.  My chalky skin is going to have to do.    

As for my nails, you are correct in assuming that it is gold nail polish, it has been on for over a week and is chipped EVERYWHERE.  My toes...well, that dark nail polish is really turning against me right now.  A manicure and pedicure just weren't in the cards this week.

Finally, the dress.  I am just going to come out and say it.  I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  That is all.

Please tell me how I can turn this around and actually show up looking half way presentable, and perhaps like this (I picked this because our hair color matches so it sort of gives you a head start).
Thank you in advance for performing a miracle.

Dammit, what am I going to do about tonight???!!!

I hope you all have a fab weekend (and perhaps are able to get your nails done)!


  1. For the hair, try Oribe dry texturizing spray. Spritz it at the crown, do a bit of back teasing, tame to the desired volume them pin back with hidden Bobbie pins. For your skin....its winter time! Luminous ivory skin is in. Dust a touch of Kevyn Aucoin celestial candelight on your cheekbones for an angelic glow, then spritz your powder brush with a bit of water, and press candelight onto your collarbone for a velvet glow.

    For the mani pedi. A quick refresher of color from our Jin Soon line should do the trick. Rich elegant colors straight from the runway. Now your set, except for the dress?


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