Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Reminder

This past weekend we went back to Santa Ynez for a dear friend's 35th birthday.  The entire weekend was a surprise and it brought together some of my favorite people that I do not have the luxury of seeing all the time.  In fact, it is embarrassing how long it has been.  Everyone brought their children and it not only allowed us to catch up but provided an opportunity for our children to become friends as well.  And who doesn't love when the husbands are friends?! It was an amazing reminder.

A reminder that these college friends are so important to me.  A reminder that they know more about me than a lot of people.  A reminder that even though our worlds get chaotic and crazy, it is important to make plans every now and then and allow ourselves to catch up with each other.

I have been blessed to have some pretty amazing friends from high school and college.  The unfortunate part is that not all of them live in Orange County and it takes a lot of planning to get to see each other.  We are all busy with our children, jobs, and simply, life.  Weddings made it pretty easy but now that most of us have tied the knot, it takes some additional effort.  

As I get older I am really starting to appreciate that my high school and college friends knew me prior to being "wife" and "mommy".  They know my life now but they also know where I came from.  They have see me at the very top and have also seen me hit the ground.  And they have been there to laugh and cry with me through everything.  It makes my heart happy when I get to see these people and also reminds me that perhaps the things I get stressed about are not worth the time and in the end, family and friends are all that really matters. 

Thank you M for planning such an amazing weekend for E.  Thank you also for including us and giving us all this opportunity to spend some time together.  It was amazing weekend and we cannot wait to come back.

And in other news, the hubby and I have fallen in love with the Santa Ynez Valley and are trying to figure out how we could possibly relocate.  To say we are obsessed is an understatement.  Who knows, perhaps this blog could one day be renamed "Juggling in Wine Country".


  1. Such a fun weekend! I love this post. You did such a good job capturing the memory!


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