Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Pacifier

See this photo?  
This was a sweet moment taken by the hubby while we were in Santa Ynez.
I love this photo and keep looking at it to remind myself of that sweet little girl that has since turned into a monster.

That's right.
A monster.

After our trip we decided that at almost three, Baby Girl should no longer be using a pacifier.  It was time.......FINALLY.  But we are paying for waiting so long.

We should have known better.  With the boys, the day their turned 2 was the day we took the pacifier away.  Sure they had a rough night but after that, it was over.  I am not sure if it is because she is our only girl, the youngest, or we know that this is our last but Baby Girl turned 2 and we let her keep it.  Each month we would say "this is the last month!" but then would never do anything.  I am amazed at the difference a few months makes.  For the two year olds who were slightly attached, it was sad.  To an almost three year old, it has been devastating.  

My sweet Baby Girl from only a few days ago is now throwing tantrums, not going to sleep easily and continues to ask for her pacifier.  Getting a "no" makes it even worse and I think we are both getting on each other's nerves.  The plus in all of this is that she is at least not waking up at night, but the easy bedtime routine has taken a sudden shift.  I had no idea how much she liked her pacifier.

I know that in a few days all will return to normal and she will have moved passed her need for the pacifier, but for now, I am not happy with myself that I let it go this long.  You would think that by Baby #3 I would know better and keep to what works but I let the convenience of the pacifier overrule and believe me, LESSON LEARNED.  

For that, it is deep breathes.  More deep breathes.  And more deep breathes. 

Next stop?  Potty Training!
This is going to be an awesome few months. 

Thank you S.N. for the suggestion of the "Paci Fairy"! 
Baby Girl loves her new Cinderella doll but keeps telling me the fairy is bringing her pacifier back and she doesn't want someone else to have it.
STUBBORN little one here!
I will let you know if it works!


  1. We took the kids to Build a bear and had them put their paci in their animal. And then told them every time they get sad about their paci - to give their animal a squeeze.... It worked great on 2 of 3 kids... the oldest just needed his time. Still to this day - they still have their animals and Addie kindly reminds me every now and then that her paci is in their belly. It is costly $50+ but worth the memories. Lin

  2. Thank you for sharing this - my daughter is almost 20 months and I keep going back and forth about weather or not we should be getting rid of it or how we do it.
    We have a trip planned to Disney In April and she turns 2 in July, so I was wanting to wait until after the disney trip I think, but then we were going to "pull the plug".
    Make sure to let us know ow it all comes along - I will be reading!


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