Friday, July 12, 2013


I had every intention of taking photos and having a beautiful post for this Zucchini and Chicken Salad.  Unfortunately, I just got lazy.  It is too bad too because it was SO easy to make and VERY good.  Hopefully this one photo entices you enough to try it out because you will love it.  Promise.  

This past week was spent with all three children at VBS camp which meant it was also my first week of summer without them home in the morning.  It really is amazing how fast I can get things done when they are not here.  I am also happy to say that my Oldest's face is looking SO MUCH BETTER than it did Saturday when he fell.  I have to thank all the people with a million suggestions on what we should do because I did them all and it has worked wonders.  We have now moved to the "Vitamin E overdose and suncreen" stage to avoid scars but he is feeling SO MUCH BETTER about it and for that, I am thrilled.

With the weekend here we will be having a BBQ with friends Friday night and then off to the Walk Disney Studios on Saturday for what is looking to be a really fun event.  I am also beginning to get into vacation prep mode with our family trip only a week and a half away.  YEA!  

Have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to enter this Burke Williams Giveaway!

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