Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY: Chevron

When I am not sitting down to read Fashion magazines, I love flipping through design magazines to gain inspiration for the new house.  Last week I came across this photo in House Beautiful.

I loved the unexpected chevron stripes on the back of the bookcase and thought this would add such a great pop of color in my kitchen.  I have two glass door cabinets and with white plates and mostly white accessories, it just seemed a bit bland.  At first I thought I would need to find a wallpaper but after reading the article, I realized that these stripes were actually hand painted.  My motivation kicked in and the hubby and I spent Memorial Day painting these chevron stripes in our cabinets.  Here was the process.

The inspiration were the nobs on our stove

The outcome?  After 7 hours of work and 5 coats of paint, I couldn't be happier.  It added the perfect pop of color to the kitchen without taking over.  I LOVE it and am also so relieved that we did not screw up the cabinets.  Can you imagine if we would have messed up a dark red on white?  It would have been terrible!  Yes, I am feeling accomplished.


  1. Looks great, Sarah! Worth the effort! (it's the perfect red too...!)

  2. An amazing job...and hats off to the patient husband too!

  3. Wow Sarah that looks so good! Can you come over and do that for me in Jaxon's room. We are all about the Chevron over here. AWESOME!!

  4. OMG that is entirely too much work! Great job!


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