Wednesday, May 30, 2012


When I wrote my One Year post, number 6 of my "things about me" was "I have an issue with claustrophobia and freaked out during an MRI (I am hoping I NEVER need one EVER again)". 

Fast forward to TODAY, and as you read this, I am heading in to my second MRI.  Yep, lucky me.  The only difference this time is that I will be drugged up on Valium and will hopefully not give a crap that they sticking me in a tunnel.

Where would I rather be?  Well, this wouldn't be so bad...

But I would be okay with anything other than an MRI machine.

Just to ensure that this post is not 100% of a complaint on my predicament, I thought I would share this happy news.  Net-A-Porter has one of their incredible sales going on now and it would be sad for you to miss out.  Here is just a peek of what you could pick up.

Paul and Joe Sister
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel


  1. YAY for Valium! Good luck on your MRI. :)

  2. ironically enough that picture you posted was the very spot I was sunning myself drinking a delicious cocktail sans kiddos for an entire week. :) hope you are jealous. and why are you getting an mri?!?!?

    1. Leave it to my sister to rub it in :) I had an MRI to check my back. Apparently the third child took a major toll on me.


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