Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Remember this post on creating my own look for an event I had?  Well, that was a major fail.  Not a fail on the pieces.  They are both beautiful and are fantastic additions to my closet.  They just did not work together.  The worst part is that due to tailoring, I figured this out Thursday night and with Baby Girl's birthday celebration at Disneyland on Friday, I now had Saturday morning to find something to wear that night.  STRESS.

Lucky for me, Diane von Furstenberg came to the rescue.  Thanks to their gorgeous new boutique at South Coast Plaza, I was able to have a dress in my hands within 20 minutes.  It might just be my favorite dress in the closet now.

Jori Dress

It is extremely comfortable and such an easy dress that can be used for a variety of different occasions.  It also comes in purple and blue, which are equally beautiful.  Perfect staple to have on hand.

Here is the dress in action with the hubby and friends.

Please excuse the phone quality
I wish I had more photos of the event to share but sadly, this is the only one I have.  Apparently I failed on the photographer job too.  


  1. Sorry to hear that the outfit didn't work out but good job finding that fab DVF dress! You look great!


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