Thursday, April 3, 2014

16th Colony

When it comes to my personal style, I tend to carry two very different extremes.  On one hand, I can be very conservative.  I love clean lines, structured pieces and will very often fall to the color scheme of white, black and grey.  You will see these looks most often while attending meetings, formal events and dinners.  It is the classic simplicity that I love about these looks.  

And then there is the other side of my style.

The other side loves to be laid back and worry-free.  That is the Orange County way isn't it?  Beach days.  Drinks outside with friends on a warm summer evening.  Casual afternoons on Balboa Island.  Weekends in Santa Ynez.  Out goes the blazers, pencil skirts and heels and in comes the ponchos, cut offs and booties.  I am always on the look out for lines that offer this laid-back lifestyle.  In comes 16th Colony.

Created by Renee Rogers, 16th Colony is an Irvine based line which focuses on outerwear for the chic bohemian.  Her line of ponchos is absolutely stunning and you can see the amount of detail and care she takes in designing each one. 

After following Renee's instagram for a bit I couldn't help but fall in love with her pieces and decided I must visit her studio to see how they all come together.  Renee and I met on Monday to talk design, business, and a little peak at what was to come with 16th Colony.

Renee was incredibly welcoming and it took only a minute for us to get chatting about EVERYTHING.  Don't you love meeting someone you can picture yourself having a glass of wine with at Happy Hour?  She explained how 16th Colony was developed, a concept that she created after attending FIDM and working as a designer for a number of labels.  She recognized a need for that classic, wear-all-the-time piece that women love to live in.  And she nailed it.  Her fabrics are divine, the fit reaches all sizes (she is petite and I am a giant...amazingly they fit us both extremely well) and she takes care to ensure all products are of the highest quality.  I got lost in all the pieces and instantly began imagining them being worn with cut offs for a BBQ, as a cover up at the beach, or thrown over skinnies and a white tee for dinner.  Each piece offers so much versatility that everyone will find their favorite way to wear them.  I was also able to preview the Fall collection, which will be available in August and it is AMAZING.  No photos were allowed but you will want to keep an eye out for it.  I already have my order in.  

16th Colony is currently available in a number of boutiques through out California, Hawaii and the UK.  Even better, they are currently conducting an online Flash Sale from now until Sunday, offering 40% off the entire collection online with the code "FLASH40" at checkout.  The perfect time to pick up some pieces for summer!  Click here to begin shopping.

Thank you Renee and 16th Colony for having me.  
I am looking forward to spending some summer days in 16th Colony.


  1. Just ordered the Blythe Poncho. Thanks for sharing 16th Colony! ~ Regan :)


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