Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maison Du Soir

"A well spent day brings happy sleep" - Leonardo DaVinci

Sleep and I used to have a love/hate relationship.
I knew I needed it, but I felt that it got in the way of fun and exciting things that I would perhaps miss out on.  
I would stay up late and wake up early.
Then I grew up.
And I LOVE sleep.

The hubby and I have developed a ritual that begins as soon as all the kids are in bed.
I wash my face, take out my contacts and put on my pajamas.
Whatever is not done that day (emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry, etc.) will have to wait until tomorrow.
We curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and chat about the day, catch one of our favorite shows (right now it is Suits and West Wing reruns) and enjoy the only alone time we get during the week.
Then it is off to bed in complete exhaustion, ready to catch as much rest as we can before the next day begins.

It is my favorite.

With a new found love of rest and sleep, I have also developed a love for pajamas.
There was a time when I would just throw on a tank and shorts or pants and not think twice.  
Lately though, I am obsessed with pajamas.
Cute, comfortable pajamas sets that look good enough to wear during the day.
My current favorite is Maison Du Soir.

Maison Du Soir is a Southern California based line created by Courtney Kates.  Courtney recognized that there was a lot of focus on women's daywear but not nearly enough attention on our sleepwear.  Why look fabulous by day and frumpy at night?  I like her way of thinking, don't you?  Courtney set out to create a sleepwear line that focused on softness, quality of fabric and fit.  She nailed it.  Each collection offers beautiful prints and silhouettes that are flattering, can be mixed and matched, and work for even the fussiest of sleepers.  You cannot image how soft and comfortable this line is.  Whether you are wearing the silk or cotton pieces, you will want to live in them.  Plus, when someone knocks on your front door early in the morning, before you have gotten dressed, you won't have to hide behind the door anymore.  You will actually look put together!

Courtney's Spring collection has just launched and it is absolutely stunning.  I am obsessed with the florals and pinks (which is big for me because I am normally not a pink person) and I have been currently living in the Dahlia Dress and Peony Shorts.  Next on my list?  The Magnolia Foral Top with the Jaclyn Floral Shorts.  The entire LookBook just offers too much goodness.

You can find Maison Du Soir in their online shop or here in Southern California at numerous boutiques listed here

Sweet Dreams.

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