Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Even though I went the business route after college, literature and writing have always been my passion.  I love to read and writing has always been an outlet for me.  Whether it was keeping a journal in High School, writing notes to my friends, articles for work or even this blog, I feel that I am best at expressing myself through writing.  

To keep myself sane through college, I minored in English.  It was sort of a "hobby" for me and gave me a few classes a quarter that kept things fun.  One of my favorites was a course on Shakespeare.  He has always been one of my favorite writers and I can get lost in any of his plays.  Spending an entire quarter studying his works was a dream.  Add a great professor and I would have taken the class again if I could.  

Apparently Kate Spade shares this fondness for Shakespeare and has created a dreamy clutch representing his work.  One of my favorite plays combined with an evening essential.  Add the bold colors and I  LOVE.  A perfect conversation starter for any dinner party.  The big question would be, have you really read the play or simply seen Claire and Leo act it out Baz-style?  

Kate Spade 'Romeo and Juliet' Book Clutch

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