Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Santa Ynez

I finally got a second!  As I mentioned yesterday, the hubby and I had an incredible time in Santa Ynez with friends this past weekend.  Here are some of the photos I promised to share.  When it came to our favorite parts of the trip, there truly is nothing I would have changed but the major highlights included our hotel, the Santa Ynez Inn (completely surpassed our expectations), our private tasting of Tantara at the home of the winemaker, cupcake and wine pairing at Saarloos and Sons and dancing the night away at Maverick Saloon (that not only included beer bottles, country line dancing, and pinning dollar bills to the ceiling but also a John Corbett sighting).  All I can say is, I WANT TO GO BACK!


  1. The pictures of the food are amazing...oh, and the wine!


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