Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Friends

A little over a week ago I was invited to attend a Trend Tribe dinner by Nicole, the Editor of Trend Tribe.  She told me that about 8 bloggers from Southern California were getting together at Five Crowns in Corona del Mar and asked if I would like to join them.  I am not going to lie.  I was more than a little intimidated.  For someone who considers herself an extrovert, the idea of having dinner with 7 people who did not know me BUT all knew each other sounded a bit overwhelming.

I went back and forth on whether I was going to attend and then realized I was being a baby about this whole thing and committed.  What was the problem with meeting new people who shared a passion for blogging like I did?  Absolutely nothing.  So last Friday I left the hubby at home with the kids and headed out for my first girl's night that did not involve someone that I, I got to dress up.
Talk about being an idiot.  The second I got there I knew I was going to like these girls.  They were fun, friendly and extremely easy to talk to.  Add our first round of drinks and it began to feel like I had known them all for a while.  

For those who are not familiar with Five Crowns, it has always been known to us Orange County locals as "your Dad's restaurant".  It was a place you went for formal celebrations with your family (Thanksgiving, 50th Birthday parties, there are a number of options here) and very rarely did you return with a date or group of friends.  Apparently since my last visit Five Crowns has decided to shake it up a bit and the look and feel was completely different from what I remembered.  It had a much hipper vibe and the menu seemed to follow.  We were there to try out the new Chef's Supper and I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know it would surpass all expectations.

As the girls and I began chatting about EVERYTHING, cocktails and food began to arrive and continued to arrive for THREE HOURS.  It was out of control.  I believe there were 7 courses (all paired of course with a cocktail, wine, beer or champagne) but I hit a food coma around course #4 and everything that I inhaled from there on after was  blur.  This is just a small preview of what we enjoyed (or perhaps my empty plate because I ate it too fast and did not get a photo of the before).
I have never taken so many photos of food in my life.  It was beyond.  I did attempt to get one photo of the group but this is how bad it was.  I should have thought about this BEFORE 10pm.... 
When dinner was over the conversation did not end so we headed to their micropub, Side Door, which has a CHEESE BAR.  I repeat.  A CHEESE BAR.  Unfortunately I was too full to eat more but it is now on my list for a future date night.

When it was time to leave, I thought back to how anxious I was to go and how happy I was that I did. It truly was a fabulous night.  It was also a good lesson for me.  Just because I am comfortable with those that I know around me, it never hurts to step outside and meet new people.  It could not have been a more fun evening.  Thank you Trend TribeLetters for LucasWendy NielsenCupcakes and CutlerySan Diego Momma and Hip Mama B for having me and thank you Five Crowns for hosting us!

* Juggling in Heels did receive a complimentary dining experience from Five Crowns but the opinion is 100% my own.  The Chef's Supper is offered on Friday night with only 1 table available.  Your party must have a minimum of 8 people and maximum of 10.  Reservations are required.  To learn more about this experience click here.  


  1. Such a wonderful time! I am so happy you joined us and I cannot wait for us to do it again. (And by the way, THANK YOU so for turning us all on to Eve Lom!) We are all IN LOVE WITH IT!!! See you soon. xx


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