Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hammitt Los Angeles

On Monday I was doing a photo shoot with OC Style Report and Z Collection (more on this next week!) when I was handed a cross-body handbag for one of the looks.  Amid the camera snapping I kept gawking at how I loved  this cross-body, asking who made it, wondering why I had not seen it before, and back to how much I loved it.  

On Tuesday, I received a text from my neighbor, sharing her excitement for a new cross-body bag she picked up in Manhattan Beach.  Yes, I am that friend that everyone knows they can share their purchases with and I will be just as excited over it.  What can I say, I share in my friends joy.  Obviously a photo was necessary.  Much to my surprise, this was the same line I was gawking over on Monday and just as fabulous as the one I had seen.

The collection is Hammitt Los Angeles and I have a thing for them.  

Based out of Los Angeles, this line brings together versatility, edge, and practicality in a collection of bags that make sense both through style and function.  Created in numerous neutrals, they are easy to pair with a number of looks, transitioning well from day to night.  I love how soft the leather is and there are just enough details to make them different than the rest.  Here are a few favorites from the line.
Little Santa Monica Q
Manhattan Grand
City Tote
The Strip
You can find the line locally at Z Collection in Newport Beach or at other boutiques across the country, which you can search by clicking here.  

Time to start that Christmas list don't you think?


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