Friday, November 15, 2013


The weekend is here and I am thrilled!

Last weekend was a bit hectic with the Fundraiser finally arriving Saturday night.  We had such a wonderful time and my committee was amazing, allowing everything to come together perfectly.  It was such a great experience but boy was I tired Sunday morning!  I think I am still recovering from Event Hangover.

Monday did not offer any rest as I jumped right into an amazing photo shoot with OC Style Report and Z Collection, which you will see more of on Monday.  I absolutely loved stepping outside of my normal day and covering myself with beautiful clothes while people took care of my hair and makeup.  I could really get used to this photo shoot thing.  Not going to lie, it is pretty fabulous.

Then of course the week has been filled with half days, conferences, practices and a Thursday night dinner.  The last leg of this crazy week is dinner tonight with college friends (YIPPEE!) and then on Saturday night, you will find me wrapped up in a blanket and sweats on the couch doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  It sounds magical.  

This week also gifted us with the birth of my Best Friend's Baby Girl who I am blessed to be the Godmother of and CANNOT wait to meet in January.  Congrats J and C!  

Cheers to the weekend (and perhaps some sleep!)!



  1. The centerpieces are fabulous! Wherever did you get them??


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