Friday, November 22, 2013


I really loved this week.

I learned some lessons in patience.
I took a yoga class for the first time in what feels like FOREVER.
I spent some amazing time with friends.
I finally got my car back.
I saw both my boys come home with huge smiles for big accomplishments at school.
I smiled as my daughter attempted her ballet.
I found time to get our house in order.
I spent Thursday afternoon watching a movie with the kids while it rained outside.
I FINALLY called people back that I owed calls to.

It was a week of frustration, anxiety, perfect calm and a sense of appreciation.  A perfect week.

  And now I am going into the weekend celebrating the fact that the kids are out of school next week for Thanksgiving, we have a 40th birthday party tonight, a benefit tomorrow night, my Best Friend is coming into town and the Holidays officially begin next week.  

Let my favorite time of the year begin!

If you missed it this week...
I saw myself on the OC Style Report...
These boots were added to my Christmas list...
I began thinking about Holiday entertaining...

Happy Weekend.

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