Monday, May 5, 2014

Cucumber and Cilantro Margaritas

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I have a friend who's son was born on Cinco de Mayo.  I remember her telling me when he was born that he has a fantastic birthday because one, no one will ever forget it and two, there will also be people ready to celebrate with him.  Genius.  Can you image what it would be like to turn 21 on Cinco de Mayo in college?!  

We decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo yesterday because the weather was just too nice to not sit outside and indulge.  The hubby made his incredible fish tacos and I pulled together these cucumber and cilantro margaritas.  There were some adjustments I made.  I used only one tablespoon of sugar, a little less triple sec and a little more tequila.  We just tend to like our treats more tart than sweet.  They were the perfect compliment to a delicious meal and a summer evening.

Happy Monday.  


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