Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Juggling in Heels X Birdaria: "The Last Hurrah"

Last week, Juggling in Heels and Birdaria Home and Gift joined forces to give my girlfriends one last hurrah before school is out and summer begins.  Specializing in custom placemats, lucite trays, bottles, canvases and more, Birdaria was the perfect co-host as we all get ready to entertain all summer long.  Birdaria brought in their beautiful pieces that we placed around my home as decor while I put together a lunch filled with some of my favorite things (I am a sucker for a croissant sandwich). Twenty women joined me to eat, drink and learn about Birdaria and all the products they offer.  Some loved the line so much that they couldn't leave without placing their own custom orders.  It was too much fun and made me think I should have been doing these lunches all year long!

What I love most about the Birdaria products is that the sky is the limit when it comes to design.  They can say anything you want them to with any print you want.  The colors, the font, the design.  Everything is up to you.  The lucite trays and placemats are double sided so you technically get two designs or the price of one.  Having a themed party?  You can also order additional inserts for your trays to make them relevant to any celebration, holiday or "just because".  Like I said, the sky is the limit.

The canvases come in all sorts of shapes and colors!
What are they going to say?
It is up to you!
I am obsessed with my new custom lucite trays and monogramed placemats
There are so many patterns to choose from there is definitely something there for everyone
The lucite trays served as perfect serving pieces for our cocktail options.
We utilized their engraved bottles to hold the wine, ice tea and sparkling lemonade.
They didn't plan this.
Does this ever happen to you?
All the girls get together and two people show up wearing the exact same thing?
Happens all the time around here.
The canvases come in a variety of sizes and it is truly up to you how they look.  These were just a few examples.
This might have been the most popular saying among moms with teenage girls.
These adorable monogramed luggage tags made for the perfect party favor.
I want to thank Liz and her team for doing an incredible job hosting this event and introducing Birdaria to Orange County!  I wish I would have gotten more pictures of everyone chatting and previewing the items but everyone was having so much fun I hated to stop them for a picture.
Liz of Birdaria, me and Renee, the friend that introduced us!
If you have not made a visit to the Birdaria website, I highly suggest clicking here.  Take a moment to peruse all the options for placemats, trays, canvases and bottles and I am sure you will have fun creating your own entertaining pieces!


  1. We had a blast with Juggling in Heels... can't get enough of your jewel-tone-licious style! Loved designing with you and the girls! XXX

  2. The canvas and the lucite trays are beautiful, what a fun "last hooray" for all the moms...this type of thing is right up my alley:)


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