Friday, May 16, 2014


So this is crazy.

My Partner in Crime turns 4 on Sunday.
Yes, we are shocked.

It is weird crossing over from the "young family" to the "family with big kids".

After what seems like YEARS (almost 10!), the only thing that is left in the house that reminds us that we had babies living with us is the crib that is sitting in our garage (if you are interested in it, let me know...) and a car seat that will go into retirement on Sunday.

We are officially out of the baby stage and moving on to the "kids have busy schedules and are beginning to have their own lives" stage.


And my baby is four.
I now know what they mean when they say that the youngest will always the baby.

She is my other half in this family of boys and I smile when I think about how many fun things we have done together and how many more things we will experience together as she gets older.

What is she up to at four?
Shoes, Mom's makeup, coloring, dresses that twirl, princesses, music, playing soccer, Mom's high heels, punching her brothers, reading stories, saying inappropriate words that her brothers teach her, swinging, hugs and kisses, picky eating, and sure she can be crazy but so can her mother so who can blame her?

Oh yes, and of course, selfies.
We just cannot take enough of them.
You should see how many are sitting on my phone.

Happy Weekend and Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl!

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