Thursday, May 22, 2014

Emerson Fry Activewear Collection

Here is the thing.

I live in activewear.

Whether I am really going to work out or I am pretending like I am going to work out, I throw on activewear every morning.  

As much as I would love to look put together and refreshed at 7am as I leave to take the kids to school, I just enjoy sleep way too much and prefer to throw on activewear pieces and sunglasses, looking somewhat presentable without having to do much.

And perhaps it is a mental game but I believe I am 99% more likely to workout if the clothes are already on me over having to change.

Being that these clothes get more use than anything else in my closet, I am always on the look out for new activewear lines.  Yes I love my Lululemon but I just can't be one of those people who is in head to toe Lulu every single day.  I just can't.  Variety is a necessity in my life.

One of my favorite lines, Emerson Fry, just launched a simple set of activewear and I am extremely intrigued.  Offering four pieces (the element crew, yoga capris, the racerback tank, and the surf short), it is a simple introduction to the activewear space, providing a relief from the norm.  I definitely feel these pieces need to be given a chance and I am excited to see if they expand the collection over time.  For now, I like what I am seeing.


  1. I write the blog live in activewear too! Have you discovered Carbon38? I posted some fun pieces from there to my blog this am. I LOVE you blog....
    Diane Goldstein


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