Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bachelor Pad, I have some questions

Via Zap2It

As I sit here and waste watch 2 hours of Bachelor Pad, I cannot help but continue to ask myself questions.  I thought I would share what is constantly running through my mind while I watch.

1. Why did Jake pick Vienna?

2. How much alcohol is actually consumed each day?

3. Do the contracts state you need to be half naked at all times?

4. Why can't Kasey clear his throat?

5. How does Chris Harrison keep a straight face?

6. Really, why did Jake pick Vienna?

7. Does the show provide all the bikinis?

8. Why hasn't Melissa read the book He Is Just Not That Into You yet?  Oh yea, and why is she CRAZY?!   

9. How many sexual positions can the show come up with, disguised as games?

10. Is cereal the only food provided?

And the final question I ask myself while watching this show is....



  1. interesting....I ask myself all these questions to! :)

  2. Jake picked Vienna because of her close resemblance to a man and his questionable sexual preference. I'm not watching it (just. cant.) but did catch Casey's song. So painful!!


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