Monday, August 1, 2011

One of My NEW Favorites: Penny Loafers

Yes, you read correctly.  I am actually stating that one of my new favorites for Fall is a Flat and not a Stiletto.  Crazy right?  Well, remember when I wrote this post about not being able to wear heels for a while?  This obviously meant I had a prescription for some new flats to get me through these trying times.  Designers must have known I needed something fashionable yet practical because penny loafers are now everywhere and I am loving it.  Menswear at its best.  They can work with my sundresses and skirts through the rest of summer and will play a fabulous part in my Fall wardrobe.  Here are two on my "must have" list .....

Sam Edelman "Etiene" Loafer
I was able to pick these up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Tory Burch Penny Loafer
This red is amazing!

And, if you are not having back issues like I am, here are some heeled versions that are adorable and perfect for Fall!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Loafers

Adrienne Vittadini Porter
Don't worry, I have not given up heels forever.  Just a few more weeks.....

Also, I know I keep asking but there are only a few days left so if you have a second to vote, I would really appreciate it!  


  1. Ah, yes. My friend, the flat. A.k.a. the mommy shoe. {kidding...sort of} After my son was born, I couldn't think of wearing anything but flats. It's a good thing they are darn fashionable these days. Love your blog and happy to be a new follower!


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