Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blueberry Crumb Cake

Favorite meal of the day?  Breakfast/Brunch.  I cannot get enough of it.  I am definitely the mom who throws the "breakfast for dinner" out at least once a week.  I am also the person who loves to throw parties at 11am so that brunch is served (baby showers, wedding showers, Baby Girl's birthday party, and on and on).  One of my favorite parts of this meal (besides mimosas of course) are the baked goods.  This past Sunday I threw together this Blueberry Crumb Cake, not for breakfast on Sunday...but so we had something yummy for breakfast each morning this week!

And because I have to ask....

I know, I know, this pink circle is getting annoying to you.  I promise it is only for one more day!  Voting ends tomorrow at 5pm pacific!


  1. I am also a breakfast girl...and these do not look like they would disappoint! YUMM!!!

  2. They look amazing, what a great recipe, thanks for sharing xx Great blog, I am following, maybe you could have a look at mine and follow me back?? xx


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