Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese Mystery Wine

Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese has beer and wine?  Perhaps you did but this is something I recently figured out in the last year.  They obviously realized that this is the last place parents want to go with their children and bribe us by offering to ease the pain through alcohol.  Genius idea Chuck.  Genius.

A birthday party there this past Friday night led some friends and I to walk in, give our child to the party and head to the "bar".  Your first question might be why we ever committed to going to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on a Friday night and honestly, I have no good reason except for the fact that perhaps we were drinking when we made that decision too.  But back to the wine.  Upon receiving our glass, an entire discussion began regarding what we were actually drinking.  Here are some things we knew for sure...

1. They are generous - your small plastic cup will be filled to the brim.  Be careful walking back!  You don't want to waste it!
2. There is one red option and one white option
3. It is served cold, regardless of the color you select
4. It comes from a tap

There is where all knowledge stops and the questioning begins...
1. Why is the red wine cold?
2. Why is it served from a tap?
3. What is behind the tap?  A super-sized box?  A keg?  The largest bottle of cold red wine you have ever seen with a tube connected to the tap?
4. Why does it taste better with the pizza?  Do they pair it?
5. What am I actually drinking?
6. Why I am drinking this?  It is terrible!

The questioning could go on and on but the reality of it is, we are at Chuck E. Cheese and it really does not matter what it is or how bad it is.  As long as it medicates the fact that we are sitting in a children's mad house with a mouse running around, I will continue to consume with pleasure.

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  1. Who know they had wine at Chuck E Cheese?! Funny post! :)

  2. Funny that after the first couple of sips/gags, it started to taste better.

  3. OMG, I'm dreading the days of birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese. Maybe the 'mystery wine' will make it a little more tolerable. Can we BYOB?
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  4. We all seemed to have no problem finishing it of course! I'll drink wine with you ladies any day - you guys are too fun!


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