Friday, October 7, 2011

Giving Back Through Shopping: The FEED Projects

I will be honest.  For a long time, I really did not know what the FEED Projects bags were.  I have seen them carried by celebrities and in Nordstrom for some time, and have even purchased some of the Small World products for children.  Other than that, I had no understanding of what this organization did.  Then I received the October issue of Town and Country with Lauren Bush and David Lauren on the cover.  Beyond discussing their relationship, the article also discussed in detail all the philanthropic work they are involved in.  Since Lauren is the co-founder and CEO of the FEED projects, I learned a lot more about what these products mean and continued to do a little research online.  I love what this organization is doing and their mission of feeding the world.  A donation from every sale is made to feeding those in need.  Here are some of my favorite items on their website, all with stories of what this purchase will help to do around the world.

FEED USA Canvas Tote
With purchase, $5 are donated to improve school food and nutritional education 

in America

FEED Back To School Kit
With purchase, food and job skill training are provided to 10 women through 
the UN World Food programme's Food for Assets program

FEED Trick or Treat Bag
With purchase, funding will help UNICEF provide one child in the developing
world with an entire year's worth of micronutrient powder 

FEED 1 Bag
With purchase, will provide one child in Africa with school lunch for an
entire year
To view the all products offered through The FEED Projects, visit the link here

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