Monday, December 26, 2011

Cupid has gotten me with an arrow

I am not sure if you know, but Rebecca Minkoff is having a fabulous "End of Year" sale on her website.  I of course traveled on over there to check out what was available.  In true Sarah fashion, I did not find anything in the sale that I HAD to have, but of course found an incredible NON-SALE, FULL PRICED, handbag that I am now dying over.  

Ostrich Embossed Cupid

First off, the color of this bag is amazing.  I have an infatuation with persimmon and this would just simply brighten up my drab (a.k.a mostly black and grey) winter wardrobe.  Then you look at the style and the hardware and you get all around fabulous.  I am well aware that Christmas was only yesterday and that it would be incredible selfish to already be creating a Valentine's Day wish list (it would right?) so I am simply going to email this over to the hubby as a "Isn't this fabulous?" message in hopes that he files it away...

If you are interested in checking out the sale, click here!  There are some incredible items but everything is selling out fast!

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