Monday, December 26, 2011


I will admit it.  This holiday, I have not just been "kind of" indulging but completely OVER indulging in all things yummy, sweet and TERRIBLE for you.  It is almost as if my sweet tooth knows it is Christmas time and therefore goes into overdrive.  For Christmas Eve, we decided to keep the indulgence going by creating Cone-oli's for dessert.  The name is exactly what it is, a cannoli created in a cone.  They were incredibly easy to make and a huge hit with my family.

Please excuse the slight blurriness on some of the photos.  I was running around like a crazy lady on Christmas Eve and potentially did not give enough care to focusing as I should.  What can I say?  Hosting Christmas Eve is CRAZY!

In other EXTREMELY EXCITING NEWS, Orange Coast Magazine did a feature on me and the blog and the magazine just hit subscribers mailboxes Saturday!  Such an incredible Christmas present and still a bit surreal to see me and my little blog in a magazine.  If you are not a subscriber, look for it to hit news stands on December 29th!

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