Monday, December 12, 2011

Don't Lose Your Elf!

For all of those who currently use an Elf to help bring the magic of Christmas alive for your children, make sure you do not misplace it.  Why?  Because then the following will occurr.

1. You will have to come up with terrible excuses as to why the Elf has not come yet.  Some of these excuses might be, "He isn't here because he heard you were mean to your brother.", "He hasn't come yet because the lights are not on the house and he cannot find it", or "Perhaps we need to have our tree up and then he will come" (This is the one that worked).

2. You will tear apart your garage, laundry room and bedroom trying to figure out where you put that damn thing.

3. You will call your hubby numerous times at work, trying to think of the last place you both saw it.

4. You will spend another $30 on a new Elf, totaling $60 for TWO packages since the creators of this Elf knew parents like me would lose it and why charge only $15 for JUST THE ELF when you can just charge for the ENTIRE THING.

5. You finally settled in, comforted by the fact that the Elf is back, the kids are happy and now you can really start using the "Santa will find out" threat to keep them behaving.


  1. Our problem is that we forget to move him a lot and so we have to distract the kids while the other one moves him quickly! HA!


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