Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's a Match!

Yes, I match my children.  But only for holidays!  Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be exact.  I know it is lame and completely cheesy but I don't care.  I actually go so far as to have the entire family coordinate.  Not in a Hanna Anderson catalog type of way, but enough that we "make sense".

This is for no other reason than I like the way it looks in photos.  And aren't photos the most important thing?  Also, completely off the subject, you may recognize the above sequined skirt from this post.  It was a fabulous purchase and I highly recommend it, just as an FYI to all of you after-holiday shoppers.  Anyway...

When it was only two boys, matching was an easy task.  One shirt/sweater/whatever, two sizes.  Now that Baby girl is involved, it is slightly more complicated and it usually ends up with me deciding what she is going to wear and then simply making the boys go along with her (obviously, girls outfits completely overrule boys outfits.  It is natures way).  

I know as the boys get older, they are going to be the ones to ruin this.  I think it might be hard to get two  teenagers to wear the same thing.  So, all I can do is indulge in this for as long as I can!

Here are some of our other matching outfits through the years...

Easter 2009
Thanksgiving 2010
Family Photos 2011


  1. yay for matching outfits! with one boy and one girl all i ever got was matching jammies...


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