Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Packing Up

It's official!
We are moving!

Monday we signed our life away the papers and will be closing on a home today or tomorrow.  We are going to take advantage of the upcoming holiday weekend and wait to move at the end of next week.  This gives me a little over a week to get the rest of this house packed up, thrown out or donated.

I am the opposite of a hoarder when it comes to getting rid of things.  I LOVE to clean things out.  It is sort of an addiction.  It just not make sense to me to hold on to something in hopes that you JUST MIGHT look at it again in 30 years.  My hubby believes that this addiction to getting rid of things is really because it provides me an opportunity to replace them.  I completely (well, for the most part) disagree with this. 

My favorite item so far that we have found while cleaning out the garage is an entire box of weddings gifts that we have not even opened in 10 years.  10 YEARS.  We have obviously moved this box from house to house but never once decided to use anything in it.  At this point, there is no reason to keep moving it.  This box is a perfect example of why people need to STICK TO THE REGISTRY.  Off to the donation pile it goes! 

I have a lot to do over the next week but am so excited to share the house with you as I turn my retail focus into interior design.  My investment-driven hubby has me on complete lockdown for now (there may have been a slight chance he had a heart attack while signing the papers) but I am sure I am going to be able to squeeze one, two (or more) things in over the next few months.  Where there is a will, there is a way, right?!


  1. Sarah, I absolutely LOVE purging things out. My mom and sister are the pack rats in the family. I totally agree with you - why keep it just so I can look at it again in 20+ years. Excited to see your new interior designs too! Where you moving to?

  2. YAY! So exciting (and overwhelming). Congrats on the new house!! Looking forward to interior design posts!! :)

  3. Good luck on your move and congrats on the new home!


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