Friday, February 3, 2012

Sneaky Sneaky Blackberry and Kale Smoothies

Since I am dealing with a sick house this week (yep, I was not able to keep my Oldest away from my Middle Man and Hubby...crossing fingers Baby Girl and I are safe), I thought, why not share one of my tricky mom ways to try to avoid what we have encountered this week.  As posted here, I have extremely picky eaters so getting anything green into them is near impossible.  To sneak some vegetables into their diet, I started making Blackberry and Kale smoothies.  The blackberries are so dark that they cover up the green color of the kale.  The kids love them and I feel better that they have eaten some raw greens.  WIN-WIN all around (though I must say, I am not WINNING this week.  I am in fact losing in a BIG way).

Here are the ingredients:
Coconut Milk

There are no exact measurements with this.  Just throw in what you want.  Also, I use a Vitamix blender so it blends the crap out of the kale.  Make sure you use a high powered blender to ensure you do not have leaves in your smoothie.  That is a dead giveaway.  Also, I have replaced the kale with spinach, chard and any other green veggie that they may not naturally lean towards.  Just like with clothing, black hides everything.

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