Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kate Spade and Color

As a follow up to my last two posts on color and Spring trends, when I think of bright and colorful, the first designer that comes to mind is Kate Spade.  I am not sure anyone does color better.  Every time I see something of hers I instantly think of vacation, summertime and celebrations.  Crazy visualization from a few colorful items?  Perhaps, but there is just something extremely cheerful about her collections.  Pops of color at its best.

Au Contraire Hinged Bangle

Cobble Hill Ellen Crossbody

Baublebox Clip Earrings

"Robin" Sandal


  1. Sarah, have you seen the Kate Spade window display at the Fashion Island store? Oh, I just stood there and drooled. Gorgeous.

    p.s. I want that tangerine purse and the iPhone case is so cute. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love me some Kate Spade - everything is so colorful and happy. That crossbody bag is awesome!


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