Monday, April 23, 2012


PHEW!  Did last week just happen?  I am not sure if it was as crazy as it seemed or that it was the week immediately following a super lazy Spring Break, but I felt like I was living in fast forward from Sunday through Saturday.  Beyond all the events the hubby and I had during the week, we took our boys out for a little date night sans Baby Girl so that they could see The Lorax in 3D.  I cannot express in words how fun it was to watch my 4 year old laugh through the ENTIRE movie as things were flying at him.  It had to have been one of the most entertaining 1.5 hours I have had in a long time.  Oh, and he also insisted on wearing his 3D glasses the entire way to the car, until he ran into a mirror, which was also really funny (I know, it is terrible, but it was!).

I have so much to share from the Brunello event but I am at the mercy of the photographer so as soon as I can, I will post.  For now, you are only going to get Baby Girl and her boyfriend.  That is right.  Little Miss Thing has decided she has a boyfriend.  She cannot let Middle Man be the only one who has a girlfriend. This is her with Boyfriend M.

He is actually a friend of Middle Man's, which is going to cause major problems in the future.  Most likely because Middle Man will want to beat the crap out of him for dating his little sister.  He definitely has a soft spot for her (which is not clear in this picture since she is the one pushing him....I have a few things to teach her) and she cannot stop talking about him.  Apparently she has a thing for older men.  His mother and I have already decided it is a MUST that they marry and it would be rather unfortunate if they do not agree.  I mean, we are already documenting TONS of photos for the wedding video.  It just makes sense.

Happy start to the week!


  1. LOL. That's so cute! Arianna has had a few marriage proposals and arranged marriage offers as well. :)


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