Friday, March 22, 2013


As mentioned on Wednesday, I invited friends and their children over for our second "Give Back" get together.  I have actually not titled it that but it works doesn't it?  Everyone had such a great time at the food drive that I thought we should keep it going.  This month, we put together Easter baskets for underprivileged children.  Each family was asked to pick up one basket per child and all the goodies to go inside.  We needed practical items such as toothbrushes, pajamas, and socks, but we also wanted to include fun items such as coloring books and crayons as well.  And of course, there MUST be candy!  

This month was much smaller due to everyone's schedules but we were still able to pull together some amazing baskets thanks to the creativity of our little ones.  Yes, some baskets ended up with three sets of toothbrushes (which is funny because it was my Middle Man and he HATES to brush his teeth) but with just a little swapping here and there by the moms, we ended up with baskets stocked with items these children both need but would also want.    

This is now my third month working with my little ones to give back to those less fortunate and I have to say, I am having so much fun getting them involved in this that I should have done it a long time ago.  I am documenting each month here in hopes that perhaps others want to try some of the things we have done.  Yes we are only three months in but by the end of the year there will hopefully be a number of fun suggestions!

Thank you C for being my partner in crime on this and for everyone who provided items, even if they could not attend.

Have a great weekend!

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