Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Bear

This past weekend Baby Girl, Middle Man and I headed up to Big Bear to spend a weekend on the lake with my parents and some of the siblings.  The last time we all went away together, everyone was able to make it, which led to a HUGE party all weekend (when there are 6 grown up kids, who have kids and two grandparents that can have fun like kids, it gets a little crazy) but this one was a little different.  With less of us there, I was able to relax, read, play in the snow with the kids and enjoy some quiet time.  It was also an eye opener.  Now that we are getting older and our kids are starting to grow up, it is getting harder and harder for the entire family to find a weekend when EVERYONE can make it.  I mean, my hubby and Oldest weren't even there!  As a family we are going to have to plan a little further out but also know that at least for the time being, life is going to make it a little harder than it has been.  

Thank you Mom and Dad for a fantastic weekend away and thank you to everyone for all your help with the kids.  They loved hanging on you guys all weekend and it DEFINITELY gave me a little bit of a breather.  You are welcome on vacation with us anytime!

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