Monday, March 18, 2013

Effortlessly Chic: Get the Look

If there was ever a look that I would call my staple it is the "black blazer, skinny jeans and black heels" look.  I tend to wear it so often that I actually mentioned to my babysitter once that the items of clothing are different, even if it looks like I wear the exact same thing every time she comes over.  It is about the easiest thing to put together and always looks effortlessly chic.

The look even made it as far as Paris Fashion Week...

What I also love about this look is that it provides the perfect opportunity to combine high priced items with more affordable options.  Sometimes it may be a beautiful silk blouse underneath your blazer and the next time it could be a simple tank.  Your handbag could be Chanel but your heels were picked up at Aldo.  The possibilities are endless.

Get the Look 1


  1. I have been looking for a black blazer & this one from H&M will do nicely!!! Thanks for posting this!!! &; I totally agree about Chanel & Aldo!!!! XO

  2. I would be very surprised to see a woman with a Chanel purse and cheap shoes.


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