Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Even though there are a few pieces we are still looking for to put in the family room, I am beginning to start gathering inspiration for the formal living room.  Right now, there are only three things I know about this room.  One, I already own pillows for the couches.  This is because when you find one of a kind pillows that you love, you buy them.  This education came directly from my interior designer and I quickly passed this knowledge on to the husband.  They are sitting in the closet just ready to make their debut!  Two, we know we are purchasing emerald green velvet couches.  This is because when you find fabulous pillows, the couches need to be equally fabulous.  And three, there MUST be book shelves.

I have always dreamed of a formal sitting room with a wall filled with my favorite books.  Old books, new books, kids books, art books.  You name it, I want it on the wall.  The big question right now is, what will the shelves look like.  I have changed my mind numerous times with this, stretching from traditional to modern.  Thanks to Pinterest, the ideas are endless.  Here is some of my current inspiration...

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  1. Are the dresses going to be hanging in there too? Hey, every room is a closet. Great idea!


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