Friday, May 17, 2013



Baby Girl, how did you go from this...

to this?

Tomorrow she turns 3 and I know this is so cliche but the youngest seems to get older the fastest.

She is independent, happy, determined, loving, and stubborn.
She loves clothes and refuses to let me get her dressed in the morning.
She cannot get enough of her brothers and absolutely loves to be with with them.  
She is as tall as a 5 year old and tells people that is how old she is turning.
She walks around in my heels and carries as many dolls as she can.
She brings the spunk to this family and we all love her to pieces.

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl!


  1. Wow! Just realized I was at the 1st birthday. Where has the time gone? Where is the picture with the boa and sunglasses? I'm loving the shoes she wore to American Girl.


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