Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Everyday I read through a TON of fashion blogs.  You may call it an obsession if you must.  Even though I LOVE many of the items in each one, it is very rare that I immediately purchase something seen on their blog.  That was until yesterday.

One of my favorite blogs, Atlantic-Pacific (it is a must read if you are not already), posted this ASOS sequined pencil skirt.

I am obsessed with sequins and loved the sophisticated look of this so I had to click on the link to see how much it was.  Imagine my excitement when I saw the sale price of $40.91 AND free shipping!  I instantly ordered it.  Complete impulse purchase I know, but with so many holiday events coming up in the next few weeks, this is bound to come in handy (I truly have a gift to justify anything, just ask my hubby). 

Only a couple more days to enter the CEEK Jewelry here!


  1. That is a great blog! Thanks for sharing.

    And so glad to find a sequin skirt that isn't a short mini! I love pencil skirts, but haven't seen a sequin one that came more than 3" below my crotch! What a great price too!
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