Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Witch and her Bacon

It has been a while since I dressed up for Halloween.  That is actually an understatement.  I do not remember the last time I have dressed up for Halloween.  I have simply left it to the children.  This year the boys got really into The Wizard of Oz and asked if I would dress up as the Wicked Witch of the East and paint myself green.  I thought Glinda would be a better option but apparently they think I am a bitch a green face is more fun.  So I committed.  Come Halloween night I covered my face and neck green while my husband looked on with a laugh, as he simply threw on a 49ers jersey and called himself done.  NO WAY.  This bitch witch was not letting him go so easily.  Luckily my sister had a bacon costume (entire other story) and I got the kids to demand that he be bacon.  So here we are.

Try as I might, the kids were more excited about sugar highs than they were about taking pictures so here are some random shots that we were able to get without a great family one (very typical around here).  Please realize that I understand that Minnie has mouse ears but SHE insisted they were a "no go". Also, my Middle Man is not half brunette and half blonde.  The brown is hair color that he INSISTED on until I started spraying it and then it was major freak out.  Obi Wan apparently likes streaks.


  1. LOVE the costumes!! Haha, my hubs would be so happy to be bacon for Halloween :)
    Your kids are ADORABLE!


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