Monday, January 9, 2012

Hands Off

I must warn you.  This may be somewhat of an inappropriate post, but it must be stated so that other moms of boys do not feel alone.  There, I have given my disclaimer.

My Middle Man has now entered the "if I do not keep my hands on IT, it will fall off" stage.  I think we all know what "IT" is.  I cannot express into words how much I dislike watching my 4 year old walk around EVERYWHERE with his hands in his pants.  School, grocery store, park, home.  It doesn't matter.  If he is awake, there is a pretty good chance his hands are in his pants.  Yes, I tell him that he needs to take his hands out of his pants in public but it is apparently something he cannot control because within a few minutes he is grabbing for "IT" again.  I remember going through this with my Oldest and it seems that no matter who you are, if you have boys, it is inevitable that you will one day find your son infatuated with himself.  And if your son has not entered this stage yet, don't worry, he will.  I feel that it is perhaps like a perverse security blanket to them, providing safety and comfort in this unknown 4 year old world.  That, or they are just fascinated by this body part sticking out of them.  Who knows really what it is.  To all you psychologists out there, do not worry, I am following "the rules" and not telling him this is bad, but simply telling him that if he wants to continue to touch himself, he needs to go to his room.  But O.M.G!  It is just so incredibly awkward that I cross my fingers this phase ends soon as we can return to the "I am certain that IT is NOT going to fall off and therefore can keep my hands OUT" stage.  It cannot come fast enough.  

I know this is only the beginning of "boy issues" and I am not EVEN going to get started with having a teenager.  That is 100% my hubby's responsibility.


  1. I'm dying over this!! Having an infant was easy - the next phase (and rest of life) scares me!
    :: mommy chic ::


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