Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are some photos from the last time I headed out to Chicago to visit my Best Friend.

Two things to note here.
One, my dress is extremely yellow.
Two, there are no children in the pictures.
That is all about to change.

We just booked our flight to take ALL 5 OF US out to visit her and her family this summer.  That is a total of 4 children (3 for us, 1 for them) under one roof.  It is going to be SO much fun and perhaps SO SO crazy.  I cannot wait.  Since this is the first time we are taking the kids to Chicago, I am so excited to show them downtown, go shopping (Baby Girl already asked), visit the lake, BBQ on the roof top deck and of course, take them to their first Cubs game.  I am also beyond excited to meet my BFF's little one for the first time.  Their house is going to be total chaos for 5 days (apologizing in advance J!) but it is sure to be one big party (sans the 3am dance party on the roof like last time........hey, what do you expect?  four adults, no children, one weekend.  Why wouldn't we?)

Countdown to July is on!


  1. Sounds like fun! Love Chicago!!

  2. I just saw this -- LOVE the post!!! Can't wait for it - going to be so fun!!


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